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The Free State of Topid

Topid was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 98

“He who allows oppression shares the crime.”

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Below Average

Regional Influence: Squire

Location: St Abbaddon



Lore of St Abbaddon [In-Character]

The Lore

OOC: {This is the in-character origin story of the region. Our region was founded in the first days of NationStates as a continuation of the St Abbaddon saga on the IGN forums beginning in 2001. The St Abby threads on IGN had in excess of 40,000 posts, massive story arcs and a huge base of characters. We've tried to capture the spirit of that world without being tied down by all that continuity. Though the original story was a combination of past tech, modern tech, and future tech, we have chosen to keep it medieval era past-tech, with fantasy elements (many races are possible, light magic). The original island was the size of a city also, but we've adapted the story for it to be a continent-sized region capable of holding all of our nations.}

"Here Lies King Abbaddon
And with him our Dark past
Remember him, and forget"

-- The Inscription above
King Abbaddon's tomb

King Abbaddon was the ruler of the mystical and powerful civilization of Atlantis, which sat at the bottom of the world's largest ocean. Atlantis was a place of very powerful magic and wealth. Its ruler was much beloved by his people. Abbaddon fell under the influence of dark magic, and was convinced to form an even more powerful and perfect world by raising Atlantis above water. Abbaddon used his great power to raise the floor of the ocean, suddenly forming an island, which he named St Abbaddon. The raising of St Abbaddon killed many of the king's weaker subjects. Numerous very powerful beings, who are referred to as the "Heros" rebelled against the King seeking justice, and the Great War began.

The Great War all but totally annihilated life on St Abbaddon. The remnants of the Atlantean civilization were shattered. After Abbaddon's army was eventually destroyed in the fighting, the Heros met Abbaddon in a final clash of powerful magical beings. Abbaddon was killed, but so were most of the Heros. The dead were laid to rest, and a great tomb was constructed for the once-great King Abbaddon. Some of the few surviving Heros remained on the island, while others attempted to escape their saddness elsewhere.

The island of St Abbaddon was left largely uninhabited for a time following the Great War. The area was damaged so that much of the magical properties of the realm were lost. Still, great wealth and treasure remained on the island from the lost civilization. Groups from all over the world have migrated to St Abbaddon to carve a section of the continent out for themselves. The island has become home to numerous varied cultures and races, some vying for power and wealth, some vying for peace.

The Free State of Topid