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The Post-Revolutionary State of Unfallious

“Revolution is glory”

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The Fall of The United Socialist States of Unfallious

Korkois in flames

News Report

In the early hours of the morning, a strange signal was picked up at the Unfallious National Astronomy Society HQ. Upon further inspection the signal was found to be growing stronger very quickly.

Telescopes across Unfallious focused on the area and several dish-like objects were made out. Military leaders called a meeting with the best astro-physicists in the country to try to determine how much of a threat the objects may pose.

While this meeting was occurring what could only be described as a nation-wide EMP was deployed over Unfallious. Anything electrical and above ground ceased to work. Within minutes the military was scrambling to get the military vehicles stored in underground warehouses up and running, but it was already too late. The UFOs, which we now know as Daleks, suddenly descended from the sky in masses of 100-200 at a time. They targeted major cities and military infrastructure almost immediately. All cities fell within a matter of hours. All that was left was the capital city of Korkois.

The battle for Korkois

The Daleks, beings born of hatred and fire, decreed that Korkois would burn due to the military resistance they received while attempting to take it. All other cities had been captured in under 3 hours, but 10 hours on and the battle for Korkois was raging. The military has managed to raise a large portion of the underground storage vehicles that weren't affected by the EMP. However, the Daleks seemed to be growing stronger rather than weaker, it was like they were strengthened by war.

The Daleks never seemed to use artillery, the saucers they travelled in were armed to the teeth, but they never fired. The Daleks preferred to kill everyone slowly and personally than to simply wipe everyone out quickly.

By the 25th hour the outcome was in sight. The military base had been overrun and high ranking government officials had fled. The battle was won and Unfallious had fallen.