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The Post-Revolutionary State of Unfallious

“Revolution is glory”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Regional Influence: Truckler

Location: The Confederacy of Free Nations

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The Regional Rebuild Party[DEFUNCT]

The Regional Rebuild Party


Primary Directive
The Regional Rebuild Party has a single core belief. We believe in giving this region direction. Getting the region back on track by rebuilding it from the ground up to be a region more accommodating to nations new to the region. Working toward a better today, a better tomorrow and a better future. We are open to members of all ends of the spectrum and believe that, together, we can make this region a shining example to the rest of Nationstates.

Secondary Directive

•Reforming Government
•Reforming the Constitution
•Reforming the Cabinet
•Reforming the Military
•Orchestrating a functioning parliament
•Reforming the Party system to include the parties more in regional politics
Reform citizenship

Party Hierarchy

Party Founder and Chairman: Unfallious

To join the party, obtain citizenship here and then telegram: Unfallious