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The Post-Revolutionary State of Unfallious

“Revolution is glory”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
World Benchmark

Regional Influence: Truckler

Location: The Confederacy of Free Nations

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Unfallion Navy

The Central Unfallion Navy

The First Fleet

Size: 31 ships

1 Kuznetsov-class Capital Carrier|UNS Tropaeum
3 Kirov-class Battlecruiser|UNS BC1-1-3
4 Slava-Class Cruisers|UNS CR1-1-4
5 Slovremennyy-class Destroyers|UNS DE1-1-5
8 Gorshkov-class Frigates|UNS FR1-1-8
10 Steregushchy-class Corvettes|UNS CO1-1-10

The Second Fleet

Size: 31 ships

1 Kuznetsov-class Capital Carrier|UNS Hardclock
3 Kirov-class Battlecruiser|UNS BC2-1-3
4 Slava-Class Cruisers|UNS CR2-1-4
5 Slovremennyy-class Destroyers|UNS DE2-1-5
8 Gorshkov-class Frigates|UNS FR2-1-8
10 Steregushchy-class Corvettes|UNS CO2-1-10

The Third Fleet - 'Home Fleet'

Size: 31 ships

1 Kuznetsov-class Capital Carrier|UNS Pobeda
3 Kirov-class Battlecruiser|UNS BC3-1-3
4 Slava-Class Cruisers|UNS CR3-1-4
5 Slovremennyy-class Destroyers|UNS DE3-1-5
8 Gorshkov-class Frigates|UNS FR3-1-8
10 Steregushchy-class Corvettes|UNS CO3-1-10

Sub Group 1

Size: 7 ships

5 Yasen-Class submarines|UNS SG1-1-5
2 Borei-Class submarines|UNS Gorad & UNS Holopoint

Support Fleet

Size: - ships

Location: -
Status: -