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Voting Procedure Admendment

Voting Procedure Amendment

"This amendment will take away the Cabinets vote and give it to Parliament. "

Article I: Amendment Voting Procedure

Section 1: When an amendment is introduced by a parliament member, it will first go up for debate in the parliament. The amount of time spent debating on the amendment shall be set by the Speaker of Parliament. Citizens and Cabinet members can introduce amendments, but they have to be through a current member of Parliament.

Section 2: After the Parliament debates the amendment, it will go to a vote. For the amendment to pass, six out of seven members are needed for it to pass. It that number is not met, it is at the Speakers discretion if the amendment goes back to the debating stage.

Section 3: If the amendment passes, it will then go to a region wide vote. For the amendment to pass the regional vote, a majority of "Ayes" must be present. If this requirement is not met, it is again at the Speakers discretion if a citizens forum is opened up so that they can explain why they voted "no". If it goes to a citizens forum and changes that are approved by most of the citizens on the forum, it will again go to a regional vote. If it is voted down again, it may not be introduced again until the next parliament take office.

Section 4: If the amendment is passed by both the regional vote and the Parliamentarian vote it shall be signed into law by the current Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister vetoes the amendment, a majority of the citizens in a regional must vote "Aye" to override the veto.

Article II: Repeals Article 7 Constitutional Amendment and Article 4 Roman Numeral VI

Section 1: This amendment, once signed into law, will repeal Article 7 Constitutional Amendment and will be replaced by this amendment.

Section 2: This amendment will also repeal Article 4 Roman Numeral VI and replace it with this statement in quotation, "Legislation may only be introduced by a single group of individuals, member of Parliament. Any citizen or cabinet member that wishes to introduce legislation must have it sponsored by a current member of Parliament.

Authored by The Federal Republic of the United Kingdom States

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