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Recruitment Campaign Bill

July 2017 API Telegram Recruitment Bill

Acknowledging the unexpected difficulties of involving the region in an API-driven Telegram campaign, this document's purpose is to simplify and remove restrictions on the process to those which are permitted to launch such a campaign in the name of the CoDN region.

Article I: Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining a Recruitment Campaign

Section 1: Any recruitment campaign officially sponsored by the Coalition of Democratic Nation's Senate must be run through the NationStates++ Chrome plugin in order to sustain the distinct aura of transparency that our region is known for and holds ever so dearly.

Section 2: The full Senate body has to be given one full day's notice that a recruitment campaign in going to be established. The Senate reserves the right to either postpone or forbid a recruitment campaigns establishment. Either of those actions require a simple majority.

Section 3: Once the Senate authorizes a recruitment campaign,depending on if it has been postpones or not, the campaign may begin. The Senator of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to decide which group is targeted for the recruitment, however, if the majority of the Senate disapproves of the group picked by the Foreign Minister, the Senate reserves the right to terminate the campaign.

Section 4: All recruitment campaign sanctioned by the regional government are subject to periodical review by the Senate. The Senator of Foreign Affairs must answer any and all questions asked by the Senate that involve the recruitment campaign in question. If a Senator feels that the questions were not answered to his/her standards, that Senator has the right to call for a vote to terminate the campaign. However, a second senator is needed to second the motion to vote on the campaign and a simple majority in a full Senate vote is need to pass the motion.

Article II: Procedure for the Transfer of the Keys Necessary to Start a Recruitment Campaign

Section 1: Only the Senator of Foreign Affairs is allowed to be in possession of the "API Client Key" and the "Secret Key" and shall not be placed under any pressure to reveal the key to anyone in the regional government or anyone in the region itself.

Section 2: Once the current Senator of Foreign Affairs is either succeeded by someone else or is removed from power, he/she is obligated to turn over the two keys to the next Senator taking his/her office.

Section 3: If the outgoing Senator fails to comply with Section 2 of Article 2 of this bill within in 48 hours since losing power, he/she is subject to the immediate ejection/banning by the Founder pending the completion of a fair, impartial trial. No other member of the government is authorized to eject/ban someone for failing to comply with this portion of the law except the Founder or the person currently in possession of the Founder's account.

Section 4: If the keys are not recovered by the next Senator of Foreign Affairs, an appeal must be made to the Game Moderators with consent from the majority of the Senate. It is sole responsibility of that said Senator to obtain new keys as he/she is the only person authorized to deal with anything regarding the "API Client Key" and/or the "Secret Key."

Authored by United Kingdom States
Co-Authored by Ascoobis