by Max Barry

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The Republic of United Kodiaks

“Nemo me impune lacessit.”

Category: New York Times Democracy
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Very Good
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Regional Influence: Negotiator

Location: Capitalist Paradise



United Kodiaks Values & Principles

The United Kodiaks believes first and foremost, in freedom. This encompasses the right to live and pursue happiness in any form, provided it doesn't infringe on others' freedoms, nor their respective ability to pursue happiness. Abusers will not be tolerated, nor will they likely enjoy their time in prison.

Each citizen is on their own to pursue as much happiness as they are capable of pursuing, provided they do not injure, nor limit the freedom(s) of others. There will be no "subsidies" from the government, nor welfare in any form, but any hardworking citizen who applies themselves, shouldn't need such handouts in the first place.

We welcome tourists who respect our principles. For those who are also hard-working and demonstrate the intellectual fortitude to not only survive, but to prosper in our society, we will welcome with open arms (bear hugs) as future citizens of the United Kodiaks.