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The Leader Knows All State of Virgolia

“The Leader is a great man!”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
Civil Rights:
Unheard Of
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Sprat

Location: The East Pacific



Talitoa's Criminal Record

This is a portion of Talitoa's criminal,I made this to denounce his crimes against humanity and I hope the international community will bring him to justice and give him the punishment he deserves.

List of some of the crimes Talitoa has commited:

1.a During the Yugoslav wars,it was reported that Talitoa killed between 4.5 and 7.8 million slovakians with a knife.
1.b On the event of the 156th Sminishian war,Talitoa killed 6.7 million Sminishians,3.2 were just kids.
1.c Talitoa killed 5,000 Virgolian kids,because "they didn't like kiwis"

Talitoan troops shooting at unarmed sminishians

2.a Talitoa has reportedly kidnapped two dogs
2.b Last week Talitoa repeated this crime,this time,he kidnapped a cat and an old man.

One of the dogs kidnapped by Talitoa

3.Public indecency
3.a Talitoa has been seen Jaywalking.
3.b Talitoa showed his foot in public


Talitoa's foot

4.a Last night,I thought I would be safe,But I was wrong,Talitoa appeared out of nowhere and destroyed my noggin.

Weapon used by Talitoa

5.a On 12/3/2018, Talitoa tried to smuggle illegal memes into EU territory,fortunately he was stopped by the local authorities.

Ship used by Talitoa to smuggle memes

6.a Talitoa Swore he didn't commit any of these crimes,which is a lie.

My message for Talitoa

7.Ethnic Cleansing
7.a Talitoa killed every rat in his house because they were "dirty" and "a plague"

Tom the rat,Who died at the evil hands of Talitoa,is just one of his many victims.

8.Mental manipulation
8.a This the second time I write this list,the first time Talitoa used something to manipulate me and forced me to delete it.

Accurate representation of what Talitoa did to me

9.a Talitoa has incited peaceful nations to "attack" other nations.

Talitoa wrote:Tumbleweed empire, attack.

Undeniable proof

10.Property Damage
10.a Talitoa intentionally destroyed a door and didn't pay for it
10.b Talitoa has broken the legs of multiple slaves of Wiranath

The destroyed door's wife,mourning for the loss of her husband.

11.a It's a well-known fact that Talitoa is a cultist and a satanist.

The price Talitoa will pay for his crimes.