by Max Barry

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The Imperial Federation of Wagria

“Against all odds”

Category: New York Times Democracy
Civil Rights:
Very Good
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Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

Location: Eladen



Brief Overview

The Imperial Federation of Wagria is a space faring entity spreading across several solar systems, located inside the Eladeni Galaxy. Technologically Wagria is classified as early future tech.

The Wagrian Federation was founded during a time of political instability and turmoil in the local star cluster. Wagria was quick to consolidate its position uniting many local systems under a single banner. It proved successfully in fighting off pirates and alien threats, enabling once again the rise of a civilization.

It's form of government is a Federal Republic. Each member of the Federation sends delegates to the federal legislative who in turn elects the President who is the head of the executive.

The federal government takes care of foreign affairs, defense and some other issues, meanwhile the member worlds enjoy a high degree of autonomy in their internal affairs.