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The Bruh Moment of Western Pakistan

“ایمان، اتحاد، نظم‬‎”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Below Average
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Regional Influence: Newcomer

Location: Balder



Map of the East Pacific's "Southern Asia", or Something from Whatever Knowledge I Have (for now...)

Dandelion yellow: Bogd mongolia

Ultramarine: Pirate castle iii (Qatar)

Mint green: Hyderabada (Sindhudesh)

Dark blue: United China Nation

Light blue: Burmese democratic republic

Bright red: Grossvietnam

Maroon: The Solar Ottomans

Grey: Islamic states of afghanistan*

Blue: Nepal

Brown: Great Algerstonia

Light brown: Jihadi Taliban and the Islamic State

Red: Hindustan

Earth green: The dhaka state

Dark green: Western Pakistan {Baloch, Makran, Karachi and jiwani, Pashtunkhua, Kanjut, Dihr, Islamabad district, the Nagar state, The swat valley, Rawalpindi city, The chitral state, Afgan state and some Federal Territory}

Sky blue: Sheikhupura (Punjab)

Kyrgyzstan: Xyree

Bright lavender & Sri Lanka: Antarritah

Navy blue: Greater Felter

Light grey: The Angel of Charity

Pastel blue: Oman and muscat

Lime green: Slatos

Chalk grey: Free Afghanistani Army

Dark brown: People's Liberation Army of Afghanistan

Brick red: Communist republic of thailand

Dark Maroon: Luang prabang

Pink coral: The vientiane state

Hot pink: Xayabuli

"True" maroon: Kingdom of the khmers

*Gonna get annexed (or not)
**Not shown