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The Bruh Moment of Western Pakistan

“ایمان، اتحاد، نظم‬‎”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Below Average
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Newcomer

Location: Balder



Map of the East Pacific’s “Central America and Northern South America” from Whatever Knowledge I have at the Moment

Orange: Shavara:
• State of Colombia
• State of Venezuela
• State of Guyana
• State of Amazonia (Light orange):
- Province of Colombian Amazonia
- Province of Venezuelan Amazonia
- Province of Peruvian Amazonia
- Province of Brazilian Amazonia**
• State of Trinidad and Tobago
• State of Panama
• State of Ecuador
• State of West Suriname*
• State of Loreto
• State of San Martin
• State of Gran Loreto:
- Province of Piura'
- Province of Lambayeque'
- Province of Cajamarca'
- Province of La Libertad'
•State of Roraima**

Yellow: The Republic of Suriname

Blue: French Guiana (Bourbon Francia)

'Not shown
*Claimed by Suriname
**Claimed by Brazil