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Allow this Document to provide clarity on laws and governance in the Nation of Wimply:

- All Government Employees established overseas (to include dignitaries, military, state employees, etc.) will follow all laws of Wimply. Anything prohibited under Wimply Law, will remain prohibited in the host country/territory; this includes items that are not illegal in the host country/territory. Additionally, all Government Employees will follow all of the laws of the host country/territory, unless where specifically negotiated by Wimply for exemption. Laws broken in foreign lands, will be treated as laws broken at home.

-The right to vote is one of the most sacred rules within Wimply. The role of the Government is to serve the people, and enforce their will. As with many other countries, citizens that have trespassed and committed a felony (at either a Federal or State/Provincial Level), see their rights commuted. Among these rights, is the right to vote. However; upon completion of their sentence and parole (as relevant), these rights should be immediately restored; including the right to vote.

-The "Right to Try" has been enacted in many Nations across the globe, allowing new and experimental treatment to be tested on patients with serious conditions. In Wimply, we hold our government and people to the highest standards. With the goal of creating a better life for all citizens, Wimply will be creating a "Right to Try" bill as well. This will be for use in limited circumstances. The goal is to not skip testing, but help open testing to willing participants with serious conditions; in the hope of bettering their life, while offering more hope and progress for others. A partner rule with this will also focus on better "End of Life Care".

-In the halls of Wimply, debate around new legislation is critical and important to insure the best outcome for the citizens. While there is sometimes concern about the "Rule of the Majority", this should not be feared as the ending of freedoms. In Legislation, it is acceptable for a "filibuster" to occur, to help protect citizens and provide the most desirable outcome. In the event that a filibuster is prohibiting the progress of the country, a vote of 65% may be called to override the filibuster.

-Duels are permitted within Wimply, provided certain requirements are met. Participants must both fully agree to the terms and may apply for a permit with their local court. Duels must be non-lethal, and the necessary people present (Doctor, mutual lawyer, etc.). This does not allow for trial by combat, but gives parties an option for arbitration in other manners. Any laws broken during a duel are still taken into account (with the exception of assault and similar, as waived in the initial agreement). Neither party may be compelled into a duel, and both parties must mutually agree on all rules and regulations.

-Wimply courts believe in fair trials provided to the accused, who are innocent until proven guilty. A trial by ones peers is standard practice and allows an impartial jury to make a proper decision. Understanding that some cases are more complex than others, the idea of a peer thus may change; there are cases where a tribunal may be called in place of a standard jury. These selected jurors are chosen in the same method of a standard jury, but have a more complete understanding of the relevant laws related to the case.

-Among many of the wondrous animals that inhabit our world, we must recognize that each is unique and holds a space within the ecosystem. All animals deserve a certain level of basic rights. However, Wimply recognizes that some animals posses greater intelligence than some of their counterparts. As such, Wimply recognizes an Advanced Animal classification that grants additional rights to animals within this group.

-Religions within Wimply are allowed to exist tax free, as part of the understanding that funds are used for the betterment of the church and community. However, to maintain this tax free status, Churches must submit annual reports to the Wimply Internal Revenue Service to provide transparency on these funds and the use there of. If a Church is found to be in violation of certain government restrictions, their tax-exempt status will be revoked; this will occur for the tax year that the violation occurred and will continue for 5 years from date of discovery (including retroactive to date of violation). Violations include, but are not limited to: Donating to political parties or candidates, instructing member of the Church how to vote, failing to properly file or falsification of annual report to WIRS, serious crimes committed as part of the Church.

-With regards to immigrants coming to Wimply, seeking skilled jobs with qualifications from their home country;immigrants are welcome to apply for the same licences and permits they already have. The government will determine if their previous qualifications are enough to merit carryover. Foreign qualifications will fall into three categories:

    Full Carryover (foreign credentials that grant a Wimply qualification)
    Partial Carryover (foreign credentials do not grant a Wimply qualification, but do grant immediate access to testing for a Wimply qualification)
    Not Recognized (foreign credentials that are not recognized in Wimply)

The Republic of Wimply