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"Guidance" for the States and Provinces of Wimply

As per Amendment 1 of the Constitution: The Federal Government of the Country of Wimply may issue Guidance to the States and Provinces of Wimply. These should be used by local Governments to enact their own laws in the spirit of the Guidance.

1. With regards to the latest court case; in which a person was found guilty and incarcerated for the crime of Sexual Assault, only to later be released when it became clear the accuser fabricated the crime: Courts should seek to remain impartial during proceedings. The accused are innocent until proven guilty, while the accuser should be given proper support to pursue legal action against their aggressor. Given the private nature in which these crimes exist and often occur, courts should take proper care that the rights and proper respects are paid to all parties within the issue. In the event that the previous Accused is later found innocent, due to the above issue, the accused shall: be immediately released, the relevant records expunged with regards to them, and an effort be made to restore them to their previous standing.

2. With regards to court cases in which after sentencing; it becomes clear that the accused is innocent, and the accuser did fabricate or in some other fashion tamper with the court proceedings: The local government should investigate if a crime has been committed. Fabrication of a crime would seem to fall under the laws surrounding falsifying a report and evidence tampering. Courts and Law Enforcement should take care that these investigations are through and impartial. It is critical that should the previous accuser be brought before a court for such crimes, the same burden of proof be followed that all parties are innocent until proven guilty. These laws must never be used in a form that would intimidate the victims of crimes from coming forward. These laws should seek the balance and protection of all parties involved.

3. With regards to Abortion and the legality there of; It will be up to each state or province to set their own laws on this matter. It should be noted that federal law does permit abortions under unusual or extreme circumstances. The health of the mother should take priority and proper care be given. While states and provinces may pass laws less restrictive than this, they may not be more restrictive.

4. With regards to employee uniforms at work, Wimply recognizes the desire for a consistent and professional atmosphere by the employer. As such employers are allowed to create employee uniforms that must be worn during work. However, uniforms must not cause health issues for employees (eg. heeled shoes are acceptable, but heels should be short enough to not cause discomfort). Additionally, employers may not charge unnecessary fees to employees for the use of uniforms that they require.

The Republic of Wimply