by Max Barry

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The Republic of Wimply

“Unity, Balance, Hope”

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State of the Union

State of the Union #1:

Wimplian's, a difficult time lies before us. Critical issues have emerged that require us to step forward.
These issues have become a roadblock we must overcome:

- Internationally, our citizens are being threatened and abducted to be slaves;
- Domestically, terrorists have attacked our home;
- and in our own Government, a government agency has broken the trust of its people.

Any one of these would be difficult, together they pose the greatest threat Wimply has ever known.
I come to you today, to tell you of the hardships to come. A resolution to these will be neither quick, nor painless.
To complicate matters, the Index that usually offers guidance, can not assist with these.
These are desperate times, and difficult measures to resolve them.

I ask your patience and continued support my fellow Wimplians.
and let this stand as a warning, that Wimply will not falter.

May the world smile upon Wimply!

The Republic of Wimply