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Yugobatania: An Overview (OUTDATED)

Ah, beautiful Yugobatania. She is pronounced as Yu-go-ba-ta-ni-uh.

She is a large country, with almost 329,520.719 square miles of lush, beautiful lands. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, we have a very diverse climate, with tundras and snow-filled coniferous forests to the North, a vast mountain range that runs from the North to South in the middle of the country, and a huge system of rivers, with the largest being the twin Yuznof and Virkof Rivers. Near the southern-ish part of Yugobatania is a desert region, the Ovnir Desert. On the Western portion of Yugobatania is a large temperate woodland and various plains scattered about.

Yugobatania is a place of various weather. Near the West, it is either rainy or stormy. Near the Ovnir Desert, obviously, it is very dry, hot, and humid. Near the Northern Regions, it snows almost 24/7. When winter-time comes, the country becomes a white wonderland of snowfall, and also very cold, especially in the North. Even the desert gets a little chilly!

Most of the citizens live on the Western side of Yugobatania, especially near the Yuznof and Virkof Rivers. Though, there are a couple of sizeable cities in the East. Many people enter Yugobatania for the beautiful sites and the job opportunities we provide for them. Our population is growing ever steadily.

Within Yugobatania, culture is a highly valued thing.

The arts is one of the most important aspects of Yugobatania, second to the maths and astronomy. Within the different regions of Yugobatania, various types of traditional dishes pop up, such as Gobny, a mixture of pork, beef, and various spices, mixed with tuna caught from the Northern Yugo Sea. The main language within Yugobatania is known as Yugobatanian, or just Yugo for short.

Music is also another important part of the Yugo culture - ranging from traditional Yugo folk music with drums and Yugo guitars to modern day "Yugowave", with pumping and catchy electronic beats.

Our military is of utmost importance as well. The Yugobatanian Army (YA), Yugobatanian Navy (YN), and the Yugobatanian Air Force (YAF) are the backbone of the country and protectors of her. We focus a lot on our aviation divisions, as the country is so large, aircraft are necessary for traversing her quickly. With some of the most advanced fighters in the world, our Air Force is not one to be trifled with. We also have numerous minor and major military bases set up around the country. It may seem imposing and threatening, but it is only because our country is so large, and so it is vulnerable from almost anywhere, especially our Eastern and Northern Regions.

Our country is so large in fact, that it was divided into six regions!

These regions are the Grand Yugo Region, the Aisdor Region, the North Tice Region, the South Tice Region, the Poznysev Region, and the Wuson Region. The Grand Yugo Region is the largest region in all of Yugobatania. Each region also has its own capital cities. They are as followed:

Grand Yugo Region: Vielo and Port Rione (Note: The Grand Yugo Region, or GYR for short, has two capital cities as it was decided within our government that it would be much cooler sounding to have a military base - Port Rione - as a capital city. This was disputed for months, as Vielo was already the capital of the GYR, but they eventually agreed to have both cities as their capital.)

Aisdor Region: Obierka

North Tice Region: Motzy

South Tice Region: Rosdof

Poznysev Region: Urula

Wuson Region: Kreb-Nout

Our political system is a very interesting one at that. When Yugobatania was first formed during the Yugo Uprise of 1921, against the former nation of Yubontia, it was declared as a monarchy, with the leader of the Uprise being King Maxelius I, a former fry cook at a Mac Dunalds in Vielo, as the ruler. Monarchies were seen as a very obsolete concept, and so the first - and only - King was then overthrown after just three years of rule.

Soon, a system was formed where there would be a Regional President, or RP for short, for each of the Six Regions of Yugobatania, as they are officially called, and they themselves are under the rule of one Supreme Ruler of Yugobatania, or SPY for short. Each RP of their own religion are allowed to govern their own respected region independently, under a Constitution of Yugobatanian Regions that all must follow as to not become over-greedy and wage war against one another. They all take direct orders from the SPY and are governed on what seems best for their region. This system was adopted in 1923 after King Maxelius I's overthrow.

In summary, Yugobatania is a large country with a thriving community and population, and a very powerful military at that. She is a unitary state and is a constitution-based federalist republic. If you ever need assistance, we are sure to help! Just don't get on our bad side, or else we will nuke you!

Oh, and did we mention that we have a very advanced nuclear program with a large stockpile of nuclear weapons?