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NP RMB: After Hours: Episode One: Toilet Paper, or How I Hate the In-laws

Evening folks, and welcome to our first broadcast of NP RMB: After Hours, with your host, The Supreme President of Yugobatania.

The only talk show within the RMB that takes place late at night. Or in the day or evening - wherever you live.

*Sips coffee*

Man, this is some damn good coffee.

Id like to start off with a topic very close to my heart.

Toilet paper. Weve all had that feeling, once in our lives. We go to a restroom in a foreign place like a restaurant or the in-laws home, and soon discover the most horrendous sight known to man - cheap toilet paper.

The thought of it scares me. You pull the roll, and woop! One sheet rips off, forcing you to keep on grabbing each individual sheet one at a time.

This is why our country needs to invest in better toilet paper! And folks, you should too!

*Sips coffee*

Ah hell, Im almost out of coffee.

Thats all I have for tonight - or the morning or evening, whatever. Tune next time to NP RMB: After Hours, the only late night RMB talk show - or evening or - aw, forget it already!

*Sips coffee*

Now if youll excuse me, Id like to go an refill my coffee. In the meantime, heres a live recording of some smooth jazz hits from across Strangereal.