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The Crash of Yugo Air Flight 330

Yugo Air Flight 330: On July 20, 1987, Yugo Air Flight 330 took off from Vielo National Airport at 6:39 UTC. Its destination was the nearby Friently. ETA was 7 hours. At 7:46 UTC, the pilot, Captain Erik Ponzy and his copilot Makus Lauter, reported to Vielo National Airport that they were having engine troubles. At 8:01 UTC, the starboard engine caught fire. Flight 330 started to descend from 40,000 very rapidly at a rate of approximately 450 feet per second. The pilot began to struggle keeping it level, but the port engine failed. The copilot reported a massive oil leak from both engines. Unable to control the plane, Captain Ponzy did his best to try and achieve a safe landing in the Western Yugo Sea - but to no avail. The plane crashed in the water, the windows breaking, water flooding in. Only five people survived. They lived to tell the tale, as they were rescued five days later by the Yugobatanian Coast Guard (YCG). They were discovered on a life raft with their carry-on luggage’s. These survivors were Guy Christoph, an 53 year-old artist from Yugobatania, Siv Contra, a 21 year-old fry cook from Oskarheim, Mira Pascal, a 21 year-old World Assembly volunteer from the Lotion empire, Tyrone Bleu, a 35 year-old film director from Asthea, and Victor Lawson, a 40 year-old lawyer, martial arts master, photographer, architect, physicist, therapist, and a strong leader in the Better Toilet-Paper movement, who is a resident of El Fiji Grande.

After the incident, all the survivors led very successful lives. Guy Christoph created a new style and movement of art called “Crashism” which involves images of plane crashes. Siv Contra became a highly successful chef, creating the “Bongo Tongo”, a nacho mix stirred in bongos. Mira Pascal created a new policy within the World Assembly to ensure better policies to deal with future plane crahses and safety regulations. Tyrone Bleu created a successful movie called “Lost at Sea: A Tale of Survival, Death, & No WiFi Signal”. Finally, Victor Lawson was given the title of “Worlds Most Badass Guy” after he told the story of how he karate chopped a shark in half that was attempting to eat the group - further bolstered by Tyrone Bleu’s movie release.