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Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Sprat

Location: The North Pacific



The TL;DR Treaty

Yugobatania officially concludes the fairly pointless and unfruitful war against New hastinapur. Yugobatanian diplomats pull out pens from their pockets and some napkins laying in front of them, and create a fairly simple peace treaty.

The TL;DR Treaty

As this treaty is written on a napkin, we are only able to fit a shortened version of the treaty. Yugobatania asks only three things from the country of New hastinapur. They are as follows:

1. Donít pull any maneuvers such as starting a war without a reasonable cassus belli.

2. The unnecessary use of nuclear weapons in civilian cities are prohibited - innocent lives mustnít be taken if they donít need to be.

3. The Empire of New hastinapur, the United States of Eripolis, the Protectorate of United sindhu, & the Federal Republic of Yugobatania shall cease fire on all fronts forever, and set up trade agreements instead.