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Prime Ministers of RHINIA to Date

Prime Ministers of Rhinia

#) PM Nation Name_________________________M/Y > M/Y

1) Tetrik union / Tetros -- 1/18 > _/18

2) Republic of Altos and Stratis -- _/18 > 4/18

3) Republic of Altos and Stratis & Scholars of diplomacy -- 4/18 > 5/18

4) Rhuni -- 5/18 > 7/18

5) Free city of rigia -- 7/18 > 10/18

6) New actias -- 10/18 > 2/19

7) Barlomia -- 2/19 > PRESENT

Prime Minister Legacies

Tetrik Union/Tetros

When the "Great Raid" of Westphalia occurred, the PM founded this region to provide refuge for those who were kicked out of Westphalia, and to provide a place for the government in exile. On a lighter note, the World Factbook Entry for the region went through many phases of rainbow hues at this time. Served one term.

Republic of Altos and Stratis

Served one term.

Rupublic of Altos and Stratis & Scholars of Diplomacy

Due to prodding from The Free City of Rigia, it was decided that the two candidates for PM would share the office in order to begin training a new generation of leaders in the Westphalia/Rhinia community. Served one term.


Rhuni became the PM on the very simple promise of encouraging more activity and Roleplay within the region. He sadly went inactive midway through his term, with The Liamese Empire and Actias being driving forces for reform and activity. Served one term.

Free City of Rigia

Rigia became PM after a close race against Actias/Rahambia, on the promise of re-igniting activity, creation of a House of Lords, and finally enacting the reforms, but was not completely or at all successful with any of these promises. It was during this however that The Debate Region of the Rhine was founded as an autonomous offshoot of Rhinia. Served one term.

New Actias

New Actias finally became PM after many attempts, and will go down as one of the best and active in the position to date. During his first term, he codified the HoC rules, and passed new immigration and RMB laws. An updated constitution (current), was passed as well, along with a bill of rights. During the second term however, things have slowed down, probably due to running out of legislation ideas. Served two terms.


Barlomia won what was arguably the largest election ever (6 candidates and 15 voters), with 11 votes. He ran on the platform of being Actias' de facto successor, along with an enlarging and streamlining of the regional government.

*Page 17 on RMB*
*I would like residents of Rhinia and other regions who have had interactions with the above persons (or are said persons) to talk about notable things during their term, and to even find out when they were elected and voted out respectively. This will forever be a Work-In-Progress*

Free city of rigia