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by The Emperor of Alpha Wolf. . 441 reads.


State Religion: Wolfism (DRAFT)
The High Church of Wolfism

High Priest:

Priests: The empire of balestria, Hermes express

Priest Assistants:

“Our faith can be put quite simply. We follow the ways of the Wolf, in both life and death. Our single-minded devotions are to the pack and the hunt.

The Pack is symbolic; it is our fellow believers. We, the Order of the Wolf, are called by the Great Wolf himself to convince the faithless of their faithlessness and to help them rejoin the Pack once more. The Pack are the chosen, the elect who believed and were willing to follow the call of the wolf, which is not an easy call to follow. But the rewards are great. A permanent hunt with the Great Wolf and the master pack.

The Hunt is less symbolic: we are called for the hunt. One does not simply earn the title of Grandmaster for frequent prayer, showy readings or a scholarly dedication. They earn it through combat. We are to emulate the Wolf, to be able to fight and to win. If you can’t fight, you don’t belong in the order.

Lesser principles exist within the Order of The Wolf.

Strike without Fear

A wolf does not tremble before a battle and neither should you. Whether that challenge be a battle, a duel, or even placing stones upon a house, welcome the challenge. The Great Forest has no room for the weak and no mercy for the cowardly.

Represent the Great Wolf

Our alpha, The Great Wolf, is to be represented with honour. If an opponent is defenseless, do not strike the heart with a blade. Rather, offer him one of your own. An unarmed opponent deserves a fair chance, not a death sentence.

Follow the Order

The Order of the Wolf has certain tenets that must be followed.

-Do not kill a brother. Whether this brother be of the order or not, it does not matter. A foe is not a brother, unless he is unarmed.

-Kill quickly. When a kill is performed, it must be fast and quick. Do not kill slowly for pleasure.

-Do not inflict unnecessary pain. Pain is a tool, to be used during combat. Do not purposefully use it in other circumstances.

-The wolf is to be respected. Anyone who kills a wolf, has killed a brother. This is our solemn pact with the wolves.

-Do not sacrifice. The Great Wolf is a loving guardian, a watchful father. He does not demand the death of the children who are not his own, nor does he condone the slaughter of animals.

-And finally, remember the Creed. The wise in heart and mind walk the path of the Wolf. There are those who deliberately lead the chosen astray, but when the false have fallen, only the Wolf will remain. And all those who wandered astray in the paths of dark and pain shall once again rejoin the light and mercy of the Great Wolf.

For the forest is for the chosen and the pit is for the false. One day, we will take the form of the wolf and join the Great Wolf and his pack in their hunt.”

- Grandmaster Klion, first Grandmaster of the Order of the Wolf.

We all must accept death as a part of our lives. The Wolf is merciful in his judgement, seeking out those who followed him true. By his gift alone, we will be admitted. The Great Wolf sees through all, knowing the strength of the wolf spirit within everyone. The drive and ability to fight.

The unworthy will sneak alongside us, wishing to be admitted into the Great Forest, where the Wolf Gods rule. But the Great Wolf sees and knows all. Before him, all must pass. Before him, all will be seen.

The truth-bearers, with the spirit of the wolf, shall be admitted past. The spirit will greet them and bid them cast off their flesh, becoming the wolf beneath.

The deceivers will be devoured by the Great Wolf. Only the truthful may enter.

And the blind, who did not see the truth of the Order, shall be driven out by the Aspect. They shall find neither pain, nor happiness, roaming the vastness of the Was, until they have accepted the Wolf’s truth for themselves. Even here, there will be deceivers, who will be consumed by the Great Wolf.

The Emperor of Alpha Wolf