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The constitution of chicken overlords


This constitution will guide all future policy in chicken overlords, if any situation arises that is not in the constitution, then it may, with a majority vote be amended.

Article I

This system will be used for the punishment of all animals, depending on the crime slavery or part-citizenship may be for life or a term.

Article II

All animals must worship Mr Peckles, however this will not force nations to abandon their religions, because Mr Peckles does no claim to be god.

Article III

any religion which crosses with the Chicken Overlord ideology (E.G believes that PATHETIC HUMANS are above animals) is banned

Article IV

any nations whose policies are extremely different from the Chicken Overlords ideology will be given 3 warnings, one warning will be given for the original problem, if no change is seen within a week a second warning will be given, if by the next week still no change has happened then the nation is question will be ejected.

Article V

Raiders will not be tolerated and any raiders, nations praising PATHETIC HUMANS nations making fun of animals (especially Mr Peckles) will be banned immediately.

Article VI

If a nation has not changed a policy within 2 weeks, they will be given a chance to explain themselves, if there case is deemed important enough a democratic poll will be created to ask the nations of Chicken Overlords.

Article VII

if this constitution is to be amended, the amendment will first be proposed by a nation, then it will be judged by the founder, WA delegates or officer, if found to be (a) Legal, (b) sensible and (c) important it will become a poll, if it attains a 50% or higher majority then it will become an amendment.

Article VIII

if a small problem is noticed then the nation is question will not be given a warning, instead it will be contacted, and either asked to ammend the problem or to provide infomation regarding this problem, if the nation is question does not respond after 3 contact attemps (at least an hour between each one) and has been active recently (therefore ingoring the requests) they will be issured their first warning.

Article IX

Enemies of the region:

Any nations that are enemies of chicken overlords will be (A) banned from joining or, if already joined then banned (B) their vote in any polls wil be discounted (C) we will not build embassies with their regions unless they ban the nation in question.

Current enemies of the region:

The Empire Fasciste Franšais of

The democratic republic of lightford

the fur

the bar on the corner of every region

the galactic empire of Britain


west monkeystan



the britsih empire of space

Defeated enemies

Britain 2 electric empiraloo (destroyed by chicken mech) (now vassal state)

Article X

If a nation is for Roleplay then it will not have the rules applied to it.