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by The King Bruces Glorious Lands of South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos. . 59 reads.

Recruitment telegram for Chicken Overlords

Welcome to the world of nationstates, Free Private Land of the People, now it is time for you to make the decision for which region to join, and we hope you Choose
Chicken Overlords!
“But why should I choose chicken overlords”, you ask.
1. Chicken Overlords is a small chicken-themed region
2. Chicken Overlords is, despite the many nations you will see is still open to new officers, so if you prove your trustworthiness you will likely become an officer.
3. We will always consider your opinion, our constitution is always open for improvement , but if you want to change something, just telegram the founder or WA delegate (if we have one) or an officer. Your proposal will become a poll and may become an amendment
So what have you got to loose, help the chickens conquer and defeat the humans! ,
We hope you will consider joining our great region, have a good day.