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by The King Bruces Glorious Lands of South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos. . 82 reads.

Aims for Chicken Overlords

1. income equality: required score: 50 or above

2. compassion: required score: 30 or above

3. environmental beauty: required score: 600 or above

4. lifespan: requored score: 60 years or above

5. Eco-Friendliness: required score: 150 or above

prefably in atleast 3/5 of these will be above the threshhold, if we find any nation has gone backwards or has made a decison then the Chicken Overlords goverment will enquire, the nation will not be given a warning, however if they do not anwer the 3 requests for infomation, they will recieve a warning.

recomended poilicies:

enviromental protection, lifespan, good wages, welfare and univeral healthcare.

if you have any enquires about this or anything else about Chicken Overlords please telagram South His Majesty's most loyal kangaroos or North His Majestys's most loyal kangaroos, or ask on the RMB between 6.45 AM and 7:00 AM , between 4:10 PM and 10:30 PM, these times are approximate, therefore don't always expect an answer at these yimes, between 7.00 AM and 4:10 PM you may get an answere but it may be between 0 minutes or 6 hours, or it may not be until 4.10 AM, at times later than 10:30 PM you may get an answer, between 4:10 PM AND 10:30 PM expect around a ten minute delay, however, it may be instant. Between 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM expect 30 minute delays 7:30-8:00 Tuesday & Thursday and a 8:00-8:30 delay on Monday & Friday, note this does not apply to weekends and some other times of the year, at this time you will be notifited and given further details.