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The History of The United Federations.

The United Federations are the result of both conflict and cooperation.

In 2030 on planet Earth, the Vooperian Party was founded in the United States in the pursuit of space colonization. At this point technology allowed humans to travel to nearby planets, and colonies on Mars were becoming popular. The Vooperian Party pushed for space expansionism and a supranational government for collective efforts on this front. However, Earth leadership was opposed to such an idea, with individual countries sparring with their own Space Programs, and the Vooperian Party was pushed down by such leaders.

In 2035 a collective effort to fund the first trip to an extrasolar planet was successful and the Vooperian Party sent a team to a nearby star system for investigation, as earlier there had been a discovery of a planet with unusual gravitational properties, thought to be signs of intelligent alien life.

Not only finding lush planetary flora on its surface, in 2043 the crew stumbled upon an even bigger discovery. As they touched down on the massive planet, which had an extremely low gravitational pull for its size, they discovered a material within the planet was to blame for the altered mass. This material was named crystallite for its appearance and structure, and it was discovered that by exciting the material with photons it could manipulate the mass of molecules within a field it emitted. Quantum mechanics allowed for an entangled message to be sent back to Earth, detailing the material and ideas on how it could be produced on Earth.

The first successful recreation of this material was in 2045, when a secret laboratory owned by the Vooperian Party made the first synthetic replica. This material, shrouded in mystery to the rest of the world, was heavily patented and boasted uses in almost all Earth industry. It was used for military defenses and propulsion, allowed more compact materials to be engineered, and kick-started Earth's second industrial revolution. At this time, the Vooperian Party grew rich and used their newfound fortune to design and construct the first FTL drive.

In 2050 the FTL drive was finished and integrated into the world's first galactic cruiser. This cruiser was used to rendezvous with the initial crew and helped them resupply and set up a more permanent base. Plans were drawn for the creation of a proper country. President SpikeViper of the Vooperian Party instructed the beginnings of Vooperia to begin by 2055.

At this point, the rest of the world was ready for conflict. With the Vooperian Party gaining power, the world decided it was time to reign them in. In a surprise offense, the United States military took control of the laboratories used by the Vooperian Party and erased all ownership of crystallite patents. This was not unexpected, as the Vooperian Party was beginning to have more power than their host nation. In retaliation against the United States, the Vooperian Party, now having grown to about a third of the country, declared Civil War. As NATO was called into the battle, the first Vooperian Battle was won in London, as supporters of the party across the world banded together to push the world towards globalization and galactic expansion. With England under Vooperian Control, the first Vooperian flag was drafted and the battle in the Americas heated. Eventually, using more sophisticated technology and taking advantage of supply shipments from growing settlements on their planetary colonies, Vooperia pushed back the world resistance and eventually the general populace supported the movement. In one day in 2057, over one hundred nations collapsed and declared solidarity with Vooperian ideals. A week after this, the last of the fighting was over, with the globe under Vooperian Party control.

To prevent backlashes and civil war, a constitution was drafted allowing a state system to preserve the needs and wishes of the prior countries. This constitution however mandated a galactic defense force and a declaration of freedom for all. After a decade or so, most world tensions had calmed and Earth was now stable.

The settlements on SpookVooper, the name now given to the planet containing the crystallite, grew quickly with many resources and a large amount of land ready to be exploited. Vooperia successfully formed a nation on SpookVooper soil and allowed other nations to be founded alongside them, as long as they followed the Constitution that was given to those on Earth. Now Vooperia formed The United Federations, to manage and assist the countries within the supranational government.

The United Federations stand strong today, quickly growing past Earth and SpookVooper as the human race spreads throughout the stars.