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Cheeseworld Presidential Platform

I have been in the DSA for over 4 years with a long, reliable reputation. I have faithfully served without issue as MoJ for two terms. My experience as MoJ makes me very familiar with the charter and history of our region. I believe these accomplishments as well as my plans if I achieve office qualify me to be the next President of the DSA.

Goals for office:

- Investigate errors, mistakes, and loopholes in the charter and legislation
-Follow up to this, clarify vague parts of the charter

- Attempt to better facilitate discussion of proposed bills and encourage more people to vote

- Flesh out an amendment to handle discord that people can agree on

- Find a new service to host the forum and migrate threads

- Actively engage with DSA members to get their opinions on world assembly proposals

- Force the MoRP to put Cheesemoon™ on the DSA map

- I aim to welcome any and all criticism so that I may better represent the ideals of the DSA

The DSA is an important part of my life and serving as the MoJ has been a wonderful way to give back and help the region, but I would like to take it a step further. The people in this region are kind, friendly, and just overall people I really value spending time with. I hope you will allow me the privilege of representing the region in the World Assembly as your delegate and lead the region as president.

I’m not great at writing a lot so I’ll keep this short, but I appreciate your consideration and look forward to the bright future of the DSA.