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The Confederate Directory


Founded October 26, 2016



The Teapot Bulletin

A compilation of updates and news regarding the Confederacy

Welcome to the Confederacy!

An introduction to the Confederacy, maintained by the Consuls

Constitution of the Confederacy

The highest word of law within the Confederacy, maintained by the Speaker of Parliament

Law Code of the Confederacy

The archive of all laws passed by the Parliament and are currently in effect, maintained by the Speaker of Parliament

Citizenship Application and Roster

Roster of citizens and residents in the Confederacy
Application for citizenship and residency

The Hall of Honor

A record of all official honors bestowed upon people of the Confederacy

International Organizations (RP)*

A list of international organizations in the "Confederacy General" Universe

Regional Roleplays (RP)

A list of active roleplays within the Confederacy
Note: Most of these roleplays are considered canon unless otherwise noted

Regional Elections Archive

An archive of election and referendum results

Government Dossier

A directory of government officers and departments

The Four Regions*

A general history of the Four Regions (the Commonwealth of Free Nations, the Next Generation Alliance, the Most Serene Republic of Montaris, and the Confederacy of Free Nations) constituting the "Free Nation Diaspora"

Office of the Speaker

The dispatch of the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, detailing Parliamentary staff and the schedule of the Parliament

List of Embassy Regions

A list of all embassies between the Confederacy of Free Nations and other regions, maintained by the Consuls

Embassy Policy

The Embassy Policy of the Confederacy of Free Nations.

* dispatches noted with an asterisk ("*") are currently located in an account other than this one. Transfer of all dispatches in this account can be expected soon.

Cofn office of the consulship