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Weekly Seeker News

The Weekly Seeker News

"Welcome to the Weekly Seeker, every week you can have intel on what's going on around the globe!"

Peace Summit Begins
Alas, the 2020 UN Conference has begun in Callaxium. Nations attending the UN Slowly arrive to the conference, although it will begin once all nations attending are there. The UN is a yearly conference where nations all around the globe come together to discuss current events that have happened. Currently many other world leaders are still arriving while other choose not to attend. The goal of this summit is to bring everyone together to solve and fix problems spouting all around the world. With tension everywhere you go, the nations of this world really do need this summit to commence.

Brizalian and Western Serpents War

Recently, the nation of Western Serpents has declared war in Brizalia after a meeting with General Stine, Georgi, President Cinnabon, an General Sim. Inside edition news got an insight on what had happened during the meeting. After Wantinuvian diplomat Georgi, asked why Brizalia and Western Serpents are enemies. General Stine refused to "confront", President Cinnabon and the nation of Western Serpents. President Cinnabon did not take this lightly, this resulted in the declaration of war from President Cinnabon and the resignation of General Thomas Sim. The war has been the center of attention, many allies have come to fight on Brizalia's side and help the nation get through the war with minimal damage. Although the casualties are rising, (5,000 Brizalian Casualties recorded along with 5,500 Western Serpent Casualties), minimal damage has been done to Brizalian mainland. Even though Brizalia has many allies on their side fighting with them, other nations have decided to join Western Serpents in the fight. War is raging and the outcome could be an either or.

The sky's the limit!: Sky city in wantinuvia
All the way in Wantinuvian Africa, home to one of the most pacifist nation, has a new project in the making. The Wantinuvians have been planning on making a "Floating city". Wantinuvia plans on having the city accessible to all nations, which means each nation would be allowed to implement additions on the island. Many nations love and support this project because it is like the now closed project, "UTOPIAS". The UTOPIAS peace project had shut down and closed permanently after a nation in the project restricted the freedoms of the people there. Many are excited to start this new project that even Sir Isaac Newton couldn't think of.