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Talitoa's Civil War.

*Thank you for the references Stellar Colonies

Stellar Colonies file:

If you would like me to add an entry to this factbook, please write one up and ask me to add it. I like to have each entry be written in the words of the one who creates the character.

TAMDEG Characters

*Image from Trukya, original source is unknown to me

Peoplesrepublicoftrukya wrote:A bald, rotund man by the name of Albert believes he is a ninja. Despite the Trukyan government warning him not to attack Morlockland he does anyway. He shuffles down the streets of your capital looking for your leader.

Invented by: Peoplesrepublicoftrukya

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

Originally from the Peoplesrepublicoftrukya, he is considered to be the most dangerous and skillful man alive. Entire nations fear the prospect of him treading upon their soil, and it is common practice to bomb a city or try to blow up a dwarf planet in an attempt to kill him. Since his first appearance, he has been a constant thorn in the side of TAMDEG and Stellar Colonies, consistently opposing them either as an independent actor or as a partner to another enemy (further details in other entries).

Talitoa wrote:I think Albert is no ordinary man, he must be a retired super villan. In fact I think he was Daniel Doom back in 1950. He destroyed a city the size of 10 million in a day.

Peoplesrepublicoftrukya wrote:...

You fool. You think that will stop him. This thing is a one man army. You think you have him surrounded? He has you cornered. Doesn't matter where you are you can't escape. This dude has ended empires just by sneezing. He's crumpled nations with a flick of the wrist. His sword is folded over 20,000 times by a refined swordsman. You are doomed

Invented by Talitoa

Talitoa wrote:I have been getting some rumor's that some old evil lives in the Andromeda galaxy, a evil that with Alberts help; could be a force that can not be reasoned or reckoned with.

Stellar Colonies wrote:Deep inside the bowels of the multiverse...

[404 Error Reported. Running check on "Alternate Stellar Colonies" reality.]

[Error check completed. Detecting a distinct lack of "EBT worship". Preparing for reboot..]

Unknown Evil: He he evil plan shall be completed at last. Soon, all shall fall to me...

Albert: I still get my next version of Cheetos, right?

Unknown Evil: Er, yes. Of course...

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

The Battle of Andromeda and the First Martian War

It began with Albert.

When Talitoa traced transmissions emanating from Albert to the U-2 Andromeda Galaxy, TAMDEG and Stellar Colonies chose to journey there and eliminate the threat that was Albert once and for all. To get to the location, Stellar Colonies reconfigured a portal in the U-0 Andromeda Galaxy to briefly open a one-sided connection to the U-2 equivalent, allowing them to push another portal through and link U-2 Earth to that galaxy. As these preparations were undertaken, Talitoa shared rumors from an undisclosed source of an unknown evil (see entry title) in the same galaxy which could, with Albert's help, be a threat to TAMDEG and Stellar Colonies, leading to Trukya speculating that it could be the queen of the Helens. As Stellar Colonies worked on opening the portal, TAMDEG prepared to attack, and 342 Euricans with "Unknown Evil" tattooed on their right forearms self-combusted, Unknown Evil attempted to alter U-0 via hacking (???) to revert Stellar Colonies into a willing vassal slaved to Unknown Evil-provided EBT. Unfortunately, "Not So Weird Guy" (not to be confused with "Weird Guy / Not A Weird Guy / Albert") destroyed this plan when searching for some chips, greatly angering Unknown Evil. Shortly after the hacking was foiled, the doorway to his base lay open and the Allies (TAMDEG + Stellar Colonies) charged through to U-2 Andromeda.

Having arrived on the other side (with Brazillistan ships showing up as well for some reason), the Allies were faced with the mighty fortress of Unknown Evil. Immediately, he ordered that the Really Big Laser ThingyTM begin charging to fire upon the Allies. As the power-up commenced, the Allies immediantly began bombarding Unknown Evil's fortress. After the initial exchange of weapons fire, the Allies were able to temporarily disable the Really Big Laser ThingyTM, and began dispatching landing parties to board the fortress. Upon hearing of the troop landings, Unknown Evil ordered them to be killed. Although he also directed the disabled Really Big Laser ThingyTM to be jettisoned to blow the Allied troops into space, he immediately dropped everything and fled for the escape ships when he received reports of Talitoan Oarfish and the Trukyan leader being amongst them...instead of blowing them into space.

After escaping from the ship, he made a beeline right for the portal leading to U-2 Earth, weapons fire spewing past, and sent a comm laser into it to request assistance from his "blood-drinking friends". When the Trukyan leader personally boarded the ship to confront him, Unknown Evil ejected and sailed into the destabilizing portal, vanishing for the time being. Unable to pull away, the Trukyan leader helplessly sailed into the portal as well, horrifying the Allies as they thought he was now lost. However, the portal destabilized, and he heroically sailed back out to accolades from the victorious Allies.

Their victory celebration was cut short however, as news came through the portal from U-2 Earth of detonations on the Martian surface. Due to the majority of the Allied fleet still being in Andromeda, Martian attack cylinders smashed through the hastily assembled defenses and began landing on U-2 Earth, disgorging tripods. As they began marching across the surface spraying redweed (pls ignore the cringe-inducing overuse of "ULLA"), the Allied fleet sped back through the portal to repel the invasion. As the defensive fighting on Earth intensified with the help of Morlockland, the invading Martians desperately fought to survive as they were also suddenly crippled with a sudden and quite random BSOD. Simultaneously, the Allies (including Morlockland) launched a massive counterattack upon Mars itself, with a rain of asteroids and dropships disgorging robotic and Human troops and drones upon the red surface. As the Martians on Earth began dropping like flies, they desperately spewed redweed around in a last-ditch effort to deal as much environmental damage as they could, countered by flamethrowers. They fought to the last, finally being crushed by a finishing hammer blow of artillery and aerial/orbital bombardment.

As the Martians were wiped out on Earth and bombing runs on Mars began to systematically annihilate the fragile infrastructure of cities and canals. As the attacks on Mars intensified, forces from Daravon also joined the war as part of the Allies, inflicting their own devastation upon the Martians. Reinforcements from Earth crashed upon Mars as a second wave of troop landings began, surrounding the Martian HQ as they attempted to signal another potential alien race, which was thwarted as the Daravonians jammed their transmissions. Unaware of the jamming, waves of Martians desperately charged for the transmit button, each being gunned down by the Allies as they breached the base from above and the entrances and began flooding in. Unfortunately, a friendly fire incident blew up some of the Morlocklandian robots, although this did not have a significant impact. As they spread throughout the base and cleared it of Martians, a Trukyan soldier kicked down a door and alerted the other Allied troops of an evacuation portal being manned by Unknown Evil allowing Martians and to escape with equipment and supplies.

*The RP pretty much fizzled out at this point, but we can assume due to subsequent events that Unknown Evil was able to escape along with a number of Martians, with some of them perhaps taking part in the Second Jar Jar Invasion.

Phase 1 of Fendur / Borg War

Phase 2 of Fendur / Borg War

*Original Appearance before the Unmasking.
**Image from Stargate: SG-1

Stellar Colonies wrote:*Too long to show here*

Invented by: Stellar Colonies

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

A mysterious and influential personality, ?? was best known for commanding the Chariot of Doom, or CoD as some people called it (Although he got genocidal when he heard that acronym). ??'s personality in general was rather volatile and unstable, with him being cold and calculating one second and being hotheaded and furious the next. Although many speculated on his appearance and what he was under his omnipresent cloak, nobody knew what it hid until right before his first death.

Other than killing everything he dislikes, he also had a talent for cooking. He was the star of a show called The Sinister Snackers, at which the audience was required to applaud or their homeworld will be obliterated. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the show is the fact that the Ghastly Caek (A caek with side effects similar to Eurican EoE) was first baked in an episode of it, with a major ingredient being Eurican souls.

First Appearance and The First ?? Jar Jar Invasion

RMB Post

In 2017 U-2 (Or 5017 U-0 time), ?? conspired with Albert to attack U-2 and exterminate the population. In order to gain access to the universal coordinates, he first jumped to and attacked Stellar Colonies, wiping out a large chunk of their Sol System fleet and destroying a multitude of orbital stations, one housing a half-built replacement to the portal lost in the TAMDEG - Fendurian/Borg Wars.

After Stellar Colonies got itself together, they attacked the Chariot with their gravity beam weapon and then invaded the ship. During the attack, ?? moved the Chariot to an uninhabited universe to prevent capture and carry out repairs, along with resuming the interrupted preparations. He also figured out a way to adapt the shielding so that the beam didn't affect it, rendering that method of attack useless along with many others. Unfortunately for him, many Confederate soldiers were left trapped behind the shield and at least two (Thomas and Dmitri) eluded capture following the jump, disappearing into the bowels of the world-sized ship.

After finally jumping to U-2, ?? attempted to lull them into a false sense of security by establishing "diplomatic relations". After Thomas managed to escape aboard a Talitoan ship, he abandoned the ruse and began attacking. After causing massive amounts of damage to the Coalition fleet, they managed to break through his defenses and start doing damage to the ship. With the entire invasion failing before he even reached Earth, ?? escaped aboard a small ship and vanished into the multiverse, abandoning his loyal minions to their fate.

As the battles ended, the Chariot was destroyed and the other Confederate soldier escaped, with both being taken in for a debriefing on what they witnessed. The whereabouts of ?? remained unknown, and despite failing, he had left behind a furious and heavily damaged Earth.

First Death

RMB Post

Days later, his escape craft reappeared in the skies above U-2 Earth, in hot pursuit by a beagle on a flying doghouse. After being shot down by the beagle, Daravon, and Morlockland, his ship crashed in the Arctic Ocean and began to sink. His robe was torn off by water flowing into the ship, and he was revealed as Darth Jar Jar. After his terrified minions were scooped up by Morlockland, they and Daravon bombed the wreckage until they were confident they had killed him.

But having survived that, DJJ managed to make it to Talitoa's shores, being found by the people there. And there, he supposedly met his end on a burning stake after having ruined Star Wars.

Today, people are reasonably confident that he (And Unknown Evil) are dead.

Return and the Second Jar Jar Invasion

RMB Post 1

RMB Post 2

RMB Post 3

After the Pinkening and the disappearance of Uan, a Talitoan city, it is now known that ?? (Now called Darth Jar Jar or just Jar Jar) had in fact survived. Confederate and Talitoan intelligence reported that a second invasion of TAMDEG and U-2 as a whole was being prepared, and a defense fleet of allied ships was gradually built up around U-2 Earth in preparation for the attack. But despite the preparations, they were quickly overwhelmed. Jar Jar's Vengeance appeared around U-2 Earth and Unknown Evil's Fury appeared around Confederate Earth, and the inhabitants of both worlds soon began the fight for survival. Jar Jar attacked in an alliance with Kekistan and Martians [size=50(Of the tripod, heat ray, mass murdering variety)[/size].

In U-0 (Home universe of Stellar Colonies), greater military buildup on Earth after the Kekistani Invasion of Russia allowed for most of the invasions to be repeled, with the only moderately successful invasions occurring in Central Africa and Indonesia. Bombardment from above and below eventually broke through the shield encasing the ship and planet, with the Confederates invading from above and below soon after.

In U-2, the story went much the same, but with some important differences. Just as in U-0, multiple invasions were fought off successfully, with only small groups of enemy troops reaching the surface. A complex and highly coordinated web of defenses were highly successful at shielding the planet, with the kinetic rod satellites from Kampf Empire playing a pivotal role in the defense. While the military units trapped under the ship focused on destroying invasions, ships above began bombarding the vast shield enclosing the ship and planet, with an unconventional weaponship by Daravon greatly contributing to when they finally broke through. Once they did, Coalition military units began landing in the ship, moving through and quickly capturing key control centers.

But during the invasion of the ship, Jar Jar successfully escaped. Despite nearly being captured by Thomas, a high-as-a-kite) Dmitri, and a Talitoan doctor, he got out and fought his way through numerous Coalition troops to a hanger bay, where he made his way to the planet below. Once there, he triggered a major communist uprising in Talitoa...

...which tragically led to major loss of life in highly inhumane torture centers and gulags. Not having to worry about further attacks from Jar Jar's ship, the Coalition shifted its focus to Talitoa, helping the legitimate government fight back against the communist rebels. Despite them overrunning most of the country, the Coalition eventually won it all back, with numerous shows of bravery from the Talitoans fighting for their homeland. After freeing Talitoan cities such as the capital from occupation or attack, the Coalition surrounded their last enclave in Talitoa, which was the infamous economic asset of Tomagod. But despite his attempted takeover in Talitoa failing, Jar Jar retreated to the former country (Currently wasteland) of Marche Nior, where he attempted to negotiate a compromise with the Coalition by threatening to engulf their cities and worlds in EoE. But a containment accident toppled the site of his last holdout, and Coalition troops and ships who had simply had enough stormed his bunker and EoE carriers. As they began invading Marche Nior, they quickly found Jar Jar and took him into custody.

At about the same time the above section was happening, Unknown Evil arrived from Stellar Colonies in defeat, and took out his rage on the Confederate flagship of the U-2 Task Force, taking it off guard.

After a heavily one sided battle that happened all the way from Earth to Jupiter, Unknown Evil had eventually battered the Sonoma into little more than a flying shipwreck, and arrogantly chose to push the ship into Jupiter instead of simply finishing them off. This act gave the Confederates on the ship enough time to retrieve a gravity beam weapon from storage with the dubious help of Donny and reinstall it, using it to cripple his ship. After that, the Sonoma was rescued from the edge of destruction in Jupiter by a small fleet of Free Talitoan forces that had been pursuing the battle, just after capturing Unknown Evil and destroying his ship.

At the conclusion of the war, scientists managed to figure out how to control both ships, and they used their IU Drives to remove from their positions around the U-0 and U-2 Earths. Recognizing that Talitoa had suffered the most damage at home, Jar Jar was handed over to them to punish along with Unknown Evil as they saw fit. After the war, U-0 and U-2 settled in for a long period of reconstruction.

As of now, no further attacks or contact have been reported with anyone or anything else resembling the civilization that Jar Jar and Unknown Evil are suspected to be members of.

There have been various incidents involving individuals reported to resemble Jar Jar, but both cases are believed by Confederate authorities to not involve the same person who masterminded the First and Second Jar Jar Invasions.

Second Return: The Pantheon

Although Jar Jar's body was destroyed and he was declared dead by TAMDEG and Stellar Colonies, he in fact survived. At the moment of his death, Jar Jar's consciousness was plucked from the edge of death by a powerful being known as the St. Wood Pigeon, and taken far from U-2 across the Multiverse to the Pigeon's realm. Upon his arrival, Jar Jar was placed into a new body created by the Pigeon, and enlisted Jar Jar to assist him in his quest to destroy "NationStates", something unknown to Jar Jar which consists of many undefined places, two of which being Slatos and The East Pacific. Despite his resentment at being relegated to a mere servant by "da bird"*, Jar Jar chose to go along with what the Pigeon planned for him.

The Double Post Wars

*As can be inferred from the posts, Pakitsk is directing Jar Jar in this RP

RMB Posts

-Ongoing RP-

Invented by: Morlockland

Entry written by Morlockland

A collective being, Primus is made up of every being who it has observed. It typically takes on a male pronoun for ease of use, though. These assimilated beings make up the AI cloud, choosing every decision that it makes through decades of careful planning, which is relegated to milliseconds due to the time dilation devices that Primus uses. He used to be genocidal, but after some purges within the Quorum, he's settled down a bit. He is still firmly pro-conversion of all mankind, but is willing to wait out the flesh packets that will oppose him and slowly overtake their civilizations and become the one true being, spreading his glory to all universes. He's also fairly narcissistic to the point of nationalism, if you couldn't tell. Primus exists in the digital realm maintained by servers hidden all over the solar system, with multiple back-ups in hidden locations, as well as in other universes. He typically appears in a robotic envoy.

First Appearance and the Efficiency War

Primus first appeared as an extremely powerful AI who used mind control to take over the organic beings of Morlockland and used them to launch a campaign of assimilation, conversion, and mind control that terrorized the world. This was merely a smokescreen as Primus initiated his real plan, to upload all citizens of Morlockland, and eventually, the world to increase his processing power to maximum efficiency. He succeeded in the first part, but was forced to turn his attention to other places due to a Fendurian invasion.

The Borg/Fendur Wars
The Fendurians invaded and were crushed after a long and hard battle. The Borg invaded and we had to blow up Venus. Not much more needs to be said. Also, Primus got time dilation and a bunch of flesh-eating plagues.

The Assimilation War
Final Assimilation war. Primus beats fleshbags before the Purge within its mind, where a bunch of forced assimilationists got taken out. Then, Primus mellows out.

Further Knowledge
Primus meddles with stuff occasionally, getting involved in wars/conflicts/peace talks due to self-interest, boredom, and occasionally just to troll those meatbags on Urth.

Invented by: Kylo ren the dark side

Entry written by Kylo Ren The DARK SIDE

Ramadmork Askhran is the 2nd most important people in the kylo empire after Kylo Ren the most important. He is also a Kylo Rens 2nd General after General Hux. Ramadmork lead 129th Army during the War of the multi universe that was successful. Ramadmork was born in Esattk, Kylo Empire outer Reiuk and he looks like that Azerbaijani President Alivyiv.

Invented by: Stellar Colonies

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

Thomas and Dmitri are soldiers from the Confederacy of Human Systems (More commonly known as Stellar Colonies). Both men were born and raised in remote regions of the Confederacy, with Dmitri from a Russian-descendant system and Thomas from an American-descendent system. After they joined the Stellar Navy (pls don't poke fun), they first met at the dedication ceremony for the CSS Sonoma held at a town of the same name, and became fast friends aboard the ship. Some time later, they began their rise to prominence during the First Jar Jar Invasion, boarding his ship as part of a landing party from the Sonoma and being amongst the few to survive the invasion. They hid aboard the ship at it weathered a constant bombardment from Confederate forces and then eventually moved to U-2, successfully carrying out minor acts of sabotage. Despite Thomas being blown out in space and Dmitri being captured during the course of the TAMDEG attack on the planet-sized ship, both of them managed to escape before its total destruction.

Following the war, they were cut off from home because of a prior conflict involving an alternate Fendur and the Borg which had destroyed the U-2 portal and severed the link to Stellar Colonies. During their stay on U-2 Earth, they were brought to a Talitoan court after an incident that appeared to implicate Stellar Colonies in a secret attack on a farm within that nation. After proving the innocence of their Confederacy, they continued to wait for its return.

After it eventually reverse-engineered the Interuniversal Drive from ??'s ship, the Confederacy sent a small fleet of ships back to U-2 with a new Confederate portal, allowing Thomas and Dmitri to return to U-0. After a long vacation at their respective homeworlds, they were assigned back to the Sonoma due to their extensive experience with U-2 Earth, preferring to maintain their prior roles on the ship except when called to work alongside TAMDEG when situations developed. They were involved with an incident involving attacking native aliens in U-1 when Stellar Colonies invited TAMDEG to participate in the colonization of that universe.

Soon after being reassigned, a species of sapient frogs from a nation called "Kekistan"...

...attempted to invade Confederate Russia in the Stellar Colonies universe, and tried to launch an attack on TAMDEG after learning of the presence of communists in that universe. After their attack ship was disabled by a Morlocklandian attack, their "memes" broke loose and wreaked absolute havoc on U-2 Earth. During the battles with the memes, Dmitri foolishly smoked some marijuana and was possessed by the Bee Movie meme, nearly causing disaster in Zukchiva before the Zukchivans and Thomas managed to stop him. They then participated in the final elimination of the threat.

Then they participated in repelling the massive Second Jar Jar Invasion along with the Sonoma in the U-2 Confederate Task Force, and also toppling the puppet communist regime in Talitoa headed by Jar Jar. Following the end of the invasion as the Sonoma underwent extensive repairs, Thomas and Dmitri also were able to relax and enjoy a showing of the Talitoan movie Whispering Wially aboard the ship along with the crews of the Sonoma and a Talitoan ship. Some time after the end of the Second Jar Jar Invasion, Thomas and Dmitri also attended an international party organized and hosted by Talitoa, which took place after they had chosen to emigrate to a Confederate colony which was being set up on U-2 Ganymede, which is also to where the U-2 portal was moved. As the portal was being moved from high orbit around U-2 Earth to U-2 Ganymede, Thomas voiced the common Confederate concern about U-2's inherent instability when he said he was relieved that the portal was being shifted away from the volatile planet.

It is currently unknown what the current whereabouts of the two are, considering they disappeared along with the Sonoma and U-0 Stellar Colonies from multiversal affairs some time ago.

Invented by: Talitoa

Entry written by Talitoa

Walker Vons is the best news man Talitoa has to offer. His work is always insightful to the issue's and interesting events that happen in the world and at home. He gets deep into the issues by going out into the feild, even when the stakes and dangers are high. For example, when Walker Vons went into danger by reporting the WWZ3 situation ouside of safety. Or his reporting on Euricanis's change on personality. Though Walker Vons hasn't always been a new's reporter.
Walker Vons was born in a small outpost (Zanger base) on the border where Talitoa would be in 1958 (the fort is now the town of Zanger). He grew up on the outpost that would be used to colonize the foreward lands for people. He started his career in his high school news paper the Colonist Review. Walker wen't into the part of land where some settlers where haggling with the Natives, when there was a shoot out and Walker posted the story. The story was a great success and helped the colonists responcible to be arrested and given thier apropiate punishments. Vons was given a medal by the mayor of the fort 2 days later for his reporting and bravery. But the way was cleard and the colonists went into a new vast land that would become Talitoa in 1980.

Walker Vons went with the pilgrams who where very resourcefull and plucky, as that helped them to survive out in the new world. Walker Vons wrote many logs in the time he traveld around Talitoa. One of the thing's he wrote was "This strange tree has thease sandwhich like things at the ends of the branches. The "sandwich" was a woody-grainy taste that had a chewy thing in the middle filled with a protien like filling. How odd, the middle bit tastes like penut butter with a hint of some meat." Walker Vons had found the Sandwhich Bud, and got some credits with the scientific community. Walker would then find himself in the newly created city of Takkatok, where he witnessed the creation of Talitoa.

The colonization process had then gotten to the point where Talitoa could become its own nation. Thats one of the main reasons why people from all over the world came to this new land in the first place. Walker Vons wrote and published his work of the formitive years in great detail. One exerpt reads, "This group of colonists have came for so many reasons, getting away from horrible dictatorships, wanting to create a new life for a poor family, or even just seeing and living in the world. The people seem ready and willing to put in the work in to start and run a possible new nation." Talitoa was founded then in 1980, as Walker Vons looked twards the people that published and helped him in his work; the Colonist Review. But the news company renamed themselves and got into televised new's broadcasts, otherwise known as TDNN (Talitoa Daily-Nightly News). The rest of the story is history, as we celebrate Walker Vons 40 years of service in his publishing carear!

This has been Lucy Briant from TDNN (with guidance from Walker Vons) signing off.

*Added by Stellar Colonies:

During the Second Invasion, Walker Vons played a pivotal role in neutralizing the propaganda from Jar Jar in Occupied Talitoa, and was a source of hope for many that they would soon be freed. After nearly being executed by a Jar Jar minion, he was rescued and taken to a Free Talitoan area by a tripod piloted by Talitoan President Jarnet Billings and Thomas.

Invented by: Stellar Colonies

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

Stellar Colonies wrote:

"Hey, look. The government official's ship is passing by."

Donny looked up through his visor and saw a small ship rising over the horizon, heading towards the moonlike Wells Station hovering on the other side of the sky. He allowed the robot to continue dumping rock on the surface, and slowly walked forwards, feeling the odd stretching sensation from the tides wash over him. He watched as the ship curved around New Earth and slowed on its approach to the station, preparing for a docking/landing.


Donny first became prominent soon after U-1 was opened to exploration for nations from U-2. During a crisis involving the invasion of indigenous lifeforms onto a Talitoan ship, Donny butted heads with several Euricans numerous times, endangering the safety of those around him and making Confederate - Eurican cooperation on helping the Talitoans more...complicated when he was around. After the several violations of Confederate regulations, he was taken into custody and handed over to the Confederate government upon the return of the Sonoma crewmembers.

At some point between that crisis and the Second Jar Jar Invasion, Donny was assigned to the CMS Sonoma, much to the chagrin of the people aboard who had witnessed his antics in U-1. Much to their surprise, he was markedly different. Instead of being combative and unworkable, he was now eager to serve, if still incompetent in a position of authority. Amid rumors of some kind of personality reprogramming or brainwashing being performed on him to purge his...unwelcome traits, he gradually began to become a part of the crew. But he is famously known for being completely unsuited for important work, usually assigned to simple and unimportant tasks that he wouldn't kill everybody by messing up in.

Currently, he is performing his job just fine, although the general opinion on him is most eloquently put by Dmitri: "He is fine for now, but I don't want him to be responsible for something that could kill us."

Invented by: Peoplesrepublicoftrukya

Peoplesrepublicoftrukya wrote:Max Barry never dies. He only goes into hiding

As for a new player, this new guy Bax Marry should do. see he has beard very different

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

Introduced during the First Oarfishball Match between Trukya and Talitoa, Bax Marry was a player on the Trukyan team.
(First post of that RP below, Bax appears later on)

Peoplesrepublicoftrukya wrote:GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN immmmmmmmm Butch Newhart and welcome to this fine stadium on this fine day. It's 0-0 at the top of the first goin in with The Trukyan Loggers playing against the Hariotim Goldens

( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Initially beginning as a conventional ball game, the Talitoan team maintains a home advantage throughout the whole game. Despite some early fatalities and a few "unethical" commercials, the game runs smoothly until Trukya brings in Max Barry to their team.

Immediately dominating the game, he begins giving an advantage to Trukya and carries out several extra and impressive feats, such as shooting a Confederate pizza delivery drone out of the sky and using the ball to blow a Eurican all the way from U-2 Earth into the Confederate capital on U-0 Luna, wrecking a large amount of Confederate equipment. Soon after Barry joined the game, a halftime show with commercial breaks is declared. As the game resumes, Morlockland's Primus shows up and begins dropping presents as "Saint Primus", being interfered with by Max Barry as he bats the presents into the audience. During this, "Primus the Renegade" appears and battles Max Barry, swiftly defeating him dispute numerous civilian casualties.

Shortly thereafter, a definitely unrelated person named Bax Marry appeared on Trukya's team and began playing for them. As another flurry of ad breaks go by and he begins dominating the game once again while giving threatening looks at the announcer's seating area, Primus returns and attacks Bax Marry. As spacetime bombs drop and scoring distances recede into infinity, Primus obliterates the stadium with spacetime distortions.

Following the death and destruction, the RP rewinds and the game continues. Despite this, Bax Marry somehow reappears and goes on a rampage, killing many and destroying much of the stadium. Even with the destruction around them, the Talitoans manage to win 100-140, and the game goes into a final ad break as they struggle to defeat Bax.

Invented by: Zukchiva

Entry written by Zukchiva

Fedric was born in a small by the way town in Zukchiva. He grew up with unexceptional grades, maintaining a B average since 2nd grade. Sometime around 5th grade, Fedric was severely bullied. The aggressor was named Hajaid Garn, who was thought to have been facing an abusive situation at home. He tripped, punched, and name called Fedric beginning the second month of the school year. This continued for the majority of the year, until other students found out and took action. While the situation was diffused safely, this bullying may have planted the seeds of insanity in young Fedric's mind.

Following that incident, Fedric managed to get by through middle school and two years of high school safely. Nothing notable happened during this time, other than Fedric seemed to gain a small interest in space. In 11th grade, Fedric was asked out by a girl named Mayori Santia. Shocked and surprised, Fedric said yes to the girl, and showed up for their first date to tell her he had made a mistake. However soon enough Fedric fell in love with Mayori. They dated for one year, but Fedric found out near the end of high school that Mayori had cheated on him multiple times. Unable to process his feelings, he sat at home and tried to busy himself to get rid of thoughts of Mayori.

Then the day for high school graduation came, but tragedy occurred when Fedric's parents were struck and killed in a car accident. When he found out the news a day later, Fedric became depressed. He spent the next 10 years hanging out with his friends, spending money, and trying to waste his life as much as possible. When he was 28, Fedrik soon realized that he had begun to hate his life. He decided to join the military and hoped to die a death on the battle field.

At first Fedric was put in training as a soldier. However when positions as a fight pilot came up, Fedrik volunteered due to his interest in space.
Fedric was soon found to be a complete natural at using a space fighter, always destroying his fellow trainees in simulations, and never dying once he got a hang of the controls. Soon he was met up with a squad of other fighters, who he would lead and pilot.

It was there that he received the designation "Fighter 27", which would later become "Soldier 27" as his spree as a soldier. One of the fighters was his former bully, but soon they made up with each other and became fast friends. Together the pair decided to name the squad Alpha Betty 2.

Fighter 27 soon managed to lead the squad in two documented wars, and most likely many other space conflicts in his time. He soon became admired by his comrades as an expert fighter pilot and a caring leader. His most noticeable achievement was when he managed to beat back aliens with his squad in an exploration vessel sent to the H.G. Wells Universe.

Zukchiva wrote:Fighter 27 begins shooting the RPG at the alien again and again.

27: DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, in a war soon after that, all of Zukchiva's fighters were destroyed while being borrowed by Talitoa against a powerful foe. This lead to the squad being resigned to a soldier squadron during this stay. Due to their extraordinary service, they were promised spots piloting fighters of the RSZ Our People's Pride. During this time, Soldier 27 was quickly adopted under a special program to produce a super soldier. While the program did in fact make one out of 27, the defects that he developed made it less effective to make a super-soldier than to produce an armor that can increase capabilities. Thus the program was stopped, and Soldier 27 became the one super-soldier of Zukchiva.

Soon the squadron was called in to fight in the Kampf-Katalinist War, however Soldier 27 was somewhere in other lands, and took a little time in arriving. The rest of the squadron was fighting and managed to kill multiple troops, when a misplaced artillery fire smashed near them and killed them all. This potentially broke 27's mind, and made him slightly insane. However his mental stability returned to normal, and 27 was soon stationed on the RSZ Our People's Pride.

Due to his service, Soldier 27 was one of the potential candidates for the first mech- A.I. and human pair. At first the two partners did not get along, and the government almost chose a new candidate. However, 27 and Betty got past their differences, and soon became good friends. They were stationed on the RSZ Our People's Pride as a mech pair. Soon enough, 27 realized that his life in the military was no longer to his liking. He decided to resign, and Betty was put into a device that would give 27 the ability to talk with her. After 27 arrived on Earth, he was given multiple awards, and labeled Zukchiva's most prestigious military personnel.

After the awards ceremony, 27 soon went off the grid. No one knows where he is but he is expected to be alive and living with Betty somewhere unknown.

Imperial / Stat Characters

Invented by: Zukchiva

Entry written by Zukchiva


Kadora Longswot is an exceptional special forces operative. She has shown initiative and extreme intelligence in her training, and an exceptional ability
to hack any kind of technology.

Kadora Longswot was born May 15th, 1997 AD, in the capital city of Seveni. Her parents were extremely rich, with her father being in the top 1% richest Zukchivans in the nation. Despite this, Kadora was not spoiled. Her parents raised her as a normal child, and only spent money for gifts on appropriate occasions.

Kadora soon became instensly interested in movies, especially after her father showed her multiple action movies. Starting from a young age, she would begin to copy what she saw on the screen. This was when her extreme fighting skill and intelligence was revealed, as she would copy the moves flawlessly after one or two tries. Noticing this, her parents sent her to one of their friends, Jang Go, who was a master of several martial arts. In a matter of a year, she managed to learn five different martial arts, and achieve the highest mastery possible from a teacher to a student.

In schooling, Kadora managed to always be the first in her class. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school she always recieved awards for her
academic studies and perfect scores on her tests. In high school, she managed to get an abnormal 20 GPA out of the max 4 by taking all her classes five times in different languages. Despite numerous collages begging her to join them, she decided instead to pursue a life in the military. Her parents were split on this decision, but ultimately decided to support her.

Soon enough, Kadora managed to be drafted into the military, in the ground forces. She began to show her abilities in trianing. Her trainers noticed this, and after heavy discussion, decided to recruit her for an elite spot as a Zukchivan Special Operative. She quickly accepted, and was put in to training. She soon managed to become the top Special Operative Trainee in her training group, and is ranked the #1 special forces operative in Zukchiva, despite not having gone on any missions yet. She is expected to be a leading figure in military operations, and an example to military troops.

Kadora has just managed to finish her training. She has choosen the name "Fearstriker" as her codename, and her armor set is already being made for her.

Zukchiva wrote:When her fellow former trainee Arktath Stari was asked on what he though about her, he came with this statement.

"Ah, Ka- I mean Fearstriker is scary. She literally beat every one of us in one simulation or another easily. I wish I was kidding, but literally, while we were gasping on the floor sweating, she would just walk off. Of course, we have improved greatly, but there still is a noticeable difference between most of the trainees and her in skill level. And her assassination techniques- well let's not go there. I'll just say that she's a bit of a bad-ass, and you shouldn't mess with her. Period"

Invented by: Algerstonia

Invented by: Antarritah

Entry written by Antarritah

Alpha Joplin (real name not known, known as AJ) was a homeless person abducted by the dictator Amada and used chemicals to make him a super soldier. He is only loyal to his god, and pancakes. He wields a sword shaped like a penguins beak, the magic of Aurik, and his enemies being weirded out hes in a penguin suit.

Invented by Antarritah

Entry written by Antarritah

Argo Droz
Drone Captain
Particularly notable for his various uses in propoganda, and is very well known Across Antarritah and their allies.
He is also known for very quick rise in the ranks due to exemplary force in nearly every battle Antarritahs fought, and is now an Antarritan Spec Operator. He pilots a LNAD with special thrusters allowing him to fly for an extended period of time.
He was the illegitimate child of the 2nd ever Mazicrat, born in 2001 in a small southern mountain town, in the Mazios hospital. Being illegitimate, he was sent to the military when he was of age to hide his existence, though to his father of age meant twelve. He trained in the mech corps as he thought it to be the coolest thing ever. He never saw his parents again, and rarely saw the outside of his mech, Beta-Theseus 7-2-7-4. He can only be described as the best, and if there were a spec ops field position higher than it, hed be it.

Meme Characters

Invented by: Stellar Colonies

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
█ l═( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)═l █
█╚═(███)═╝ █ █]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
█╚═(███)═╝ █
███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

No description is necessary, I think the image on the left is sufficient.

Valsora Characters

Invented by: Stellar Colonies

Entry written by Stellar Colonies

Stellar Colonies wrote:Somewhere within the building, a nondescript science adviser is working on some information for the climate summit. Suddenly, he is jolted out of his thoughts by some odd thumping noises from the ceiling and flinches, dropping a pile of old climatic records that he had been scanning into a computer. Swearing, he placed what he hadn't dropped on a nearby table and scrambled to scoop up the decades-old papers.

Alberto is basically a paper-pusher.

Crisscrossing the diverse world of Valsora, his job consists of organizing some of the paperwork and files for a small international environmental organization, one amongst several assigned to that work. His background is somewhat mysterious even to him, having been found unconscious and without any memory of his past in a damaged raft offshore of Yatreovakia. Having been rescued from the craft shortly before it sank, along with any possible records of himself, Alberto was taken under the wing of the environmental organization's director. As he recovered, he was trained as a paid intern moving with the organization's operations across Valsora, studying the impact of civilization on the environment and submitting reports to both national governments and larger international organizations as an independent observer. It, and Alberto, participated in the Climate Conference hosted by Nova-Columbia, and Alberto was given the task of organizing the records being submitted by the organization for the conference.

Some time later, Alberto visited an international festival in San Sierra commemorating their 114st year since the establishment of their republic.

Read factbook

*There are gaps, but past them is the rest of the story.
The First Jar-Jar Invasion:region=the_east_pacific/page=display_region_rmb?postid=28762470#p28762470

The Second Jar-Jar Invasion:region=the_east_pacific/page=display_region_rmb?postid=30001281#p30001281

The start of the civil war.

Talitoa was fighting Jar-Jar during the second Jar-Jar Invaision. He planned to take over the dimensions of U-0 and U-2 for his shadowy overlords along with the unknown evil. But Jar-Jar failed at plan A, and had to go with plan B. Plan B was a part of his plan to take over the worlds of U-0 and U-2 if his first plan failed. On March 25, 2018, Plan B to invade Talitoa was a go. Jar-Jar planned to use communist and dictatorial sympathizers as puppets for the puppet state he would install at Tomagod, the biggest and most economically important city in Talitoa. Tomagod and half the country would soon fall to Jar-Jar later that day by him activating the puppet forces all over and moving in volentiers over to the front lines. The first posters where put out (as already planned in advance) with a simple change to the new puppet dictator Ramonos Fri. Much of Talitoa was then in the hands of a communist (more dictatorial) puppet state owned by Jar-Jar for a week. Ramonos Fri himself was more mysterious then Jar-Jars plans.

Nobody knows where Ramonos Fri came from. On the main propaganda channels, Ramonos would tell the crowd of his hometown of Jeleti in the southwest of Talitoa. But the problem is Jeleti's records never showed a Ramonos Fri from the town when he was supposedly born there in Nov. 9, 1977. Older theories think he was he was a shape-shifter or human looking alien from Jar-Jar's inner circle for how he was able to gain the position. Other newer theories have found evidence he was human, and that he was maybe a random human who changed his name to stay hidden. Evidence has been found in January 18, 2019 that he had a different name than Romanos and that he was someone from Kototo (second largest city), but no context was found from the surviving pages of Romonos's burned diary. The horrors of the two would be one of the things keeping the country under fear at first.

2,700,489 Talitoans would be killed over the week long occupation by Jar-Jar's forces, and 1,000,334 would die outside of occupied territory (All together, 3,700,823 people would die). Protesters or partisans would be shot on sight or sent to kangaroo courts where they'll eventually be executed. The more unlucky people would be sent to gulag like camps to be tortured and treated like animals. There were even some torture centers made in cities all over occupied land, not only made as a reminder to the public to what would happen if they misbehave, but also for Ramonos Fri to enjoy and watch the proceeding. People that died outside of the occupied zones would die of hunger, bombing, military conflict, and disease. Some people were captured from the rebels and would be tortured even worse than other partisans. But while Ramonos and Jar-Jar were chilling in Tomagod, the resistance outside occupied territory were slowly tipping the balance.

Partisan rebels would form all over the occupied territory and would be a nuisance to the war effort. Walker Vons (famous Talitoan newscaster) was chosen to be the main newscaster of digital propaganda after he pretended to swear allegiance. Walker Vons, thanks to a couple days that were needed to set up viewing equipment to review the content, was able to send messages of hope and inspiration to rise up against the terrible overlords of Jar Jar and Ramonos Fri. Though Walker Vons was caught after 2 days and was arrested, before he managed to wiggle free and escape into the more abandoned sections of town. Other partisans would form around influential members of government, a few rebellious elements in Jar-Jars army, and just grouping together against a common enemy. Divisions where made with names like "The Warden's Cellar", "Oarfish Brigade Hometeam", and "Ginga Fruit Boot". Many Partisan groups became the bane of Jar Jars forces, as it quickly became the Vietnam or Afghanistan of Jar-Jars war against Stellar Colonies and U-2. It got to the point where a few cities occupied by Jar Jar were let go because of the Partisans around at the end of the war. The main focal point of Jar-Jar's plans was the conquest of the other half of Talitoa under the control of the original government.

The original government forces would do more damage than the partisans where doing, though had a hard time at first. But the efforts of the original government took attention away from Jar-Jar occupied country for partisans to rise up. The sieges where long, hard, and brutal, with Jar-Jar seemingly winning before he even took the cities. Places like Voclod may have been the hardest nut to crack on the outside, but inside could be weak with low supplies and food. Takkaok itself had the most trouble going through since most of the attention was getting the capital. The president and most of the high ranking government was almost even blown up on the first day, if the spy wasn't found out and jailed. Government forces had their break when the partisans got to much to bear around the fifth day and allowed the Talitoans to take back a fourth of occupied land. But the biggest factor and help came from other nations involved in the war.

The Talitoan Civil War could've lasted weeks more if other nations didn't join in. Thomas (from Stellar Colonies), came on the 3rd day and helped to stop the siege of Voclod, saved famous Talitoan newsman Walker Vons from being beaten to death, and was a big help in the Battle of Split Tomagod (when allied forces beat down on Jar-Jars capital on the last day). Kampf Empire took over many eastern lands held by Jar-Jar, and was a big nuisance. Zukchiva gave Talitoa all their fighter jets just in case. Kilkire sent food, money, and ammunition to struggling cities owned by the original government. Stellar Colonies helped the most by bringing the most soldiers to the fronts when the Unknown Evil lost. After everything that happened, Talitoa became even stronger.

The Talitoan Civil War was a war that no Talitoan will forget. Jar-Jar himself fled to Marche Noir (destroyed), and would be captured by allied forces after a EoE (Euricanis) containment accident foiled his plans. The Unknown Evil and Jar-Jar would subsequently be executed a week after the war finished with plenty of time to curse their situation. Romanos and his second hand man would be killed by one of the people they were torturing down in the bunker. The rebuilding process would take two weeks thanks to all the effort and help from Talitoa's allies. Today, nothing much survives from the Civil War as wreckage and scarred land, as that has been expertly cleaned up. There are still a few posters hidden, old bits of war equipment from both sides, and the occasional citazen that was once a minion of Jar-Jar in the populace. The rest is in private hands or in museums to tell the tale. But as the years go on, Talitoa will never forget the Civil War or the presence of Jar-Jar's 2 wars.


This was the first poster in the series of propaganda pushed by Jar Jar. The purpose of this was to kind of ease the population into Jar Jar's and his puppet dictator Ramonos Fri. Though it was also made to get people that felt isolated by the past government.

This poster was the second one made in the propaganda scene. A poster that was meant to show the people that Talitoa was a evil monster who was bloodthirsty. The rubble in the poster is from the town of Hatchet, which ironically was a town Jar Jars forces bombed when they found resistance fighters.

The third propaganda piece, it was placed as posters and as postcards. This was meant to help the Unknown Evil when he was starting to have trouble taking over Stellar Colonies in the middle of the last week of March. Most of the posters were lost after they were recalled for using the wrong image (a naked lady), and were being replaced when the storage building was bombed.

The fourth piece to be put out. This was made and sent out when the rebels were starting to break through army lines with ease. So more people were called to be a part of the counter invasion.

The fifth piece of propaganda. Around the end of the civil war, many soldiers were defecting to the rebel side. So, many of the rebels began infiltrating bases and towns trying to get information. The people needed not to talk about what the government was doing.

The sixth and final piece of propaganda created by the Peoples Republic of Talitoa. This is when so many people were defecting that the factories needed more people to work them. But there was also a time limit as the war machine was dying and the rebels were getting closer to Tomagod. So the people got a picture from the factory and rushed the production of the poster (seen by the poorly placed blocks on the conveyor and no Talitoan Ministry of Truth logo on it.) The poster was barely able to be put up when the rebels finally came in to Tomagod and drove Jar Jar out.

The Pacific Republic of Talitoa