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Current Map of the World


Whole World:

Dark Green/Lime Green/Green/Light Green - Greater Eireann

Blue - A Random Canadian Empire

Orange - Greater Gandhistan

Gold - Argen-Chile

Purple - KGB

Light Blue - Ghearmaine-Franc

Red - Conservitopistan

Yellow-Orange - Eirinne

Teal - NDFFF

Yellow-Green - Neo-Macedonian Empire

Lavender - A Mirror Canadian Empire

Brown - Stalin Wazwright

Olive Green - SoJusRefugees

Maroon - Gregorianic Anarchian Republic

Grey - Erxis

Light Pink - SJWistania

Periwinkle - Anarrchyyia

Peach - The Thuseille

Pink - Daliumia

Blue-Grey - Danielinia

Grey-Green - Peoples republic of koreyeah

Dark Blue - Territory ceded by Greater Eireann to Arduo

Teal - Dabgotia

Red in the Pacific - MianBaoGuo

Dark Red in the Pacific - Lower carthage

Not Pictured - JEW Volunteers, Tribe ens, Eireannian magellan