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by The Monarchy of Greater Eireann. . 233 reads.

Current Map of the World

Whole World:

Dark Clover Green - Greater Eireann

- Tyrian Purple - The Byzantine Empire

- Burnt Orange - The Kingdom of Carthage

- Dark Yellow-Green - The Kingdom of Al Khaleej

- Light Electric Blue - The Kingdom of Judea

Blue - A Random Canadian Empire

Orange - Greater gandhistan (The Gandhistani Remnant)

Gold - Argen-Chile

Yellow - The Hispanian Union

Teal - Germany (Ghearmaine-Franc)

Red - France (Conservitopistan)

Light Orange - Holland-Netherlands

Yellow-Orange - England (Eirinne)

Sea Green - NDFFF

Yellow-Green - Neo-Macedonian Empire

Lime Green - Northern Italy

Magenta - Naples

Lavender - A Mirror Canadian Empire

Hot Pink - Polish-Lithuanian Republic

Sky Blue - Hungarian Kingdom

White - Stalin Wazwright

Olive Green - Sojusrefugees

Pale Grey - Syria

Periwinkle (Europe) - Ukraine

Maroon - Gregorianic Anarchian Republic

Dark Salmon - United Kingdom of Bohemia and Slovakia

Grey - Erxis

Dark Teal - Cyrenaican Arab Republic

Black - Sothern Cyrenaica

Bright Red - The Socialist Republic of South Tunisia

Peach - The Thuseille

Purple - The Dacian Republic

Blue-Grey - Occupied International Territories

Mustard Yellow - The State of China

Light Olive - Palestineismuslim2

Electric Purple - Ewharistan

Dust Purple - Gran Colombia

Light Blue - Central American Republic

Dust Red - Peoples Democratic Republic of China

Periwinkle - The Republic of Goryeo

Crimson - The First Japanese Republic

Light Teal - Indochina

Green Teal - Uyghuristan

Purple-Grey - Tibet

Dust Orange - The Indus Valley Kingdom

Dust Green - The Republic of India

Dust Sky Blue - Burma

Dark Grey (Africa) - Herero State

Tan - The Democratic Republic of Zanzibar

Light Dust Blue - Abyssinian People's Republic

Dark Lime (Africa) - Eireannian South Africa

Lime (Africa) - Eireannian Rhodesia

Light Olive (Africa) - The Commonwealth Republic of Kalahari

Very Dark Green - The Arabic Soviets

Red Orange - The Mesoamerican Republic

Dark Orange/Brown - The Dictatorship of the Mosquito Coast

Pale Orange - Thailand

Extremely Light Green - Kurdistan

Extremely Light Pink - Armenia

Sea Green - The Pontic Republic

Dark Sea Green - The South Anatolian Confederacy

Gold - Corsyn

Light Sand - Kemet Mizraim

Light Cerulean - Bowzeria