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Chicken Overlords Timeline

11th June 2018- Chicken Overlords was founded

June- Growth Period: with Dogetopia, Sonia Ander, The Nation of Pingu and others joining.

July- War Period: Chicken Overlords attacked the galactic empire of britain which them attacked Chicken Overlords which was them abandoned and replaced with The Avian Worshippers of Chicken Overlords.

August- Refounding & Increasing Growth Period: Chicken Overlords had 24 remaining nations but bey the end of August that number had got to almost 100.

September- Continued Growth & Raidng Period: Chicken Overlords grew to 100 nations on the 8th September 2018 and joined the top 100 on the 12th September 2018, several raids were carried out, which were successfull.

October- Continued Growth, Event & CTE Period: Chicken Overlords Continued to grow and on the 18th October 2018 achieved 200 nations, on the 20th October 2018 joined the top 50, however it was an uphill battle to stop nations from CTE and restoring the one which did. Later on the 20th October 2018 an event was held.