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Tourist Information

Welcome to the nation New Periapsis, where our main exports are ecotourism and innovation! Here, you will be treated as one of our own and experience the fruits of our perspective. As a tourist, you will most likely be travelling by air and first arrive at Arcundano, the nationís airport island. From there, you will want to go to Bainley Subway Station if you intend to visit the main island, Liuket.

Once on the main island, feel free to explore the nationís 12 other provinces to your heartís content. It is important to note that 7 out of these 12 provinces are residential and the remaining 5 are dedicated to utilities, ecosystem preservation, special research projects, or reserved for future use with one additional microprovince off the northwest coast of Liuket.

Your first experience will likely be entering your hotel room, which will have a high-speed wireless and cable internet connection, LED/sunlight combination lighting system, a hybrid air conditioning system using natural airflow along with traditional modern methods (as a proactively installed contingency), passive 24/7 temperature control resulting from the eco-friendly solutions which make use of the properties of various natural materials, and various other benefits of ecological engineering along with standard complimentary amenities you'll find at most hotels in other nations. Although you may have had your surprise spoiled by witnessing glimpses of it on the way over to the small suite reserved for your personal or family's private use, it is highly encouraged that you take the time to visit the rooftop(s) of your building as you will be presented with one of our many stunning community gardens.

Additionally, the exterior of your temporary residential building, along with many others, is outfitted with a coating of revolutionary photovoltaic paint developed through our biomimicry research initiative.


One of our newest tourist attractions is Blue Horizon Site 44; once an oil rig repurposed as a floating mobile mining station for methane hydrate excavation, the offshore platform is now currently a multipurpose utility used for training staff and serving as a connection point between the surface world and several established deep sea bases. If you are interested in visiting the brand-new observation and exploration center opened to the public in order to try and stir up interest in oceanography for children, teens, and adults alike, you will be required to travel either by boat or helicopter first before being taken to a visitor's center aboard Site 44's surface platform and then a special pressurized elevator which will take you to an independent complex. Although, it should be noted that due to its nature, this attraction is not recommended for anyone who suffers from thalassophobia or claustrophobia as the pressurized elevator capsule is known to be perceived as having a small interior along with the ascent/descent being infamously slow due to safety reasons. and turned solely a deep sea base established for and geothermal energy, now equipped with a brand new. However, if you do not suffer from these psychological problems, you can have the additional opportunity to receive basic SCUBA training and explore up to 200 meters below the ocean surface inside of a Mark 13 Hardshell diving suit.

For people who wish to experience nature and explore on land, the island of Liuket is home to a variety of other options such as hiking through Swynfield National Forest, visiting Osgood Ridge, having your picture taken at scenic ravines, looking at the nighttime sky at Galileo Observatory, and spelunking 1,697 meters deep beneath the surface of the Earth at Edgedell Cave.

Here in New Periapsis, almost no amount of knowledge is beyond reach; the Johannes Gutenberg Library and ArcNET internet search engine being the pride of the nationís book publishing and informational technology industries.

For military enthusiasts, feel free to plan a month in advance and schedule a personal hardware demonstration where you'll have the chance to wear standard MTF combat armor, use a training weapon that either uses a digital simulation known as "cyberbullets" or fires a metal slug through the use of electromagnetic force, sit inside vehicles that are currently used or prepared to be utilized worldwide, test your physical and mental limits inside of a state-of-the-art virtual reality system, and even ask a member of MTF Division Metis or Overwatch any questions you have!

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