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Welcome to the Lazarene Corporation!

From the desk of Chief Operating Officer Treadwellia

Hello, Lazarus!

Per a recent approval vote on the Regional Forums, Lazarus will be adopting the new theme as the Lazarene Corporation, or LazCorp for short. Basically, what we're doing is jazzing things up with fun, office or corporation themed graphics (as Imki's schedule allows) and allowing for the use of office-themed alternate titles in casual discourse and discussion--though not for formal, official documentation.

The full text of the material is visible here, on the forums: LinkText of the Lazarene Corporation Theme Act (2018)

As an example of the sort of things you can expect as part of LazCorp, here's a start: a personalized digital ID card, created by Imkiville!

Expect more on this as time permits, and I hope you come to enjoy the theme, especially as we get more of it implemented.

The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia