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Zombie Apocalypse 2018 - The RotWW Survival Guide


Z-Day 2018
The RotWW Survival Guide


Question: Zombie Apocalypse? Whatcha talkin' 'bout?
The zombie apocalypse originated from an April Fools joke several years ago. Now every year around Halloween (October 31st) there's a 'zombie apocalypse.' You'll be presented with a graph tracking what part of your nations population are alive, dead, and zombified. The growth of the zombies in your nation is controlled by the actions we take as a region. At first the zombies will grow rapidly, but through coordinated regional action weíll make it all better. Expect a news post in late October (~October 25th) which will have a count down timer to when the zombie apocalypse will start. Try to log in as soon as possible once the zombie apocalypse begins (see below).

Question: Oh no! What do I do?
Things do change a bit from time to time, so we have to expect the unexpected. However, in the past each nation has been presented with three options: 1) Research a cure, 2) Fight the zombies, or 3) Promote the zombies. The biggest way you can help is to log on as soon as possible after the zombie apocalypse starts and begin researching a cure. Nations researching a cure will soon develop cure missiles to shoot at region mates to reduce their zombie population, but the main benefit of cure research is that even when you go offline it slows the spread of zombies in the region.

RotWW will be passworded at the beginning of the event so that no hostile nations trying to spread the infection will be able to get in. There will be a coordinated effort to eliminate zombies from all nations in RotWW using cure missiles and this will continue until RotWW is zombie free. The more people join in, the faster this will happen. If you're able to get involved, use your cure missiles. Use the RMB and Discord to coordinate with others - systematic and methodical action is more effective.

When RotWW has been totally cured we may have the option of inviting allies in to RotWW to be cured, or of venturing out to help cure allied regions. We'll decide this on a case by case basis, taking account of who's online, what's happening in other regions and whether there are any new rules or features we need to take account of.

We score for the number of survivors, so the greater the population of RotWW (measured in the combined population of all nations) during the event, the greater the points total available to us. If you have nations in other regions, particularly big juicy billion population nations, you'd be helping us if you could bring them to RotWW for the duration of the event.

Question: Ok but RotWW is a free and open region, so if I do my own thing thatís cool right?
You might think so, but itís a tradition in RotWW to take the zombie apocalypse very seriously. Our goal is maximize survivors and eliminate zombies completely as soon as possible. All nations caught promoting zombies (and people will catch you within the first hour or so) will be ejected. If you choose to fight the zombies you will not be ejected but you will be unnecessarily killing citizens that we will be able to cure before the zombie apocalypse is over, so youíll just be lowering the number of survivors which we are trying to maximize. If you do nothing youíll get cured like the rest but you wonít be helping RotWW as much as you could.

To stress again, the founder is likely to temporarily grant ejection powers to the regional officers and other trusted and active nations for a total of the maximum possible 13 guardians. So if you're zombie producing you really will be caught quickly and find yourself enjoying the rest of the event from the Rejected Realms. You can come back after Z-day though, we're not that harsh.

Question: TL:DR?
Once the zombie apocalypse starts (around October 31st but exact time TBD) log in and start researching a cure ASAP. More to come on exact timing of events. If you have puppets that you can bring to RotWW before the event starts then please do.

This dispatch blatantly and without permission was pillaged from, (Hello, PIRATE!) but credits Forest, whom shamelessly plagiarised material prepared for previous events by:

Palos Heights and Ransium.

- Captain Jack Tre'

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