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Constitution of our God Given Rights

The McCarthy Bloc Constitution

1. Under no circumstances shall any form of Communism shall be allowed. Exceptions follow:
• Socialist ideals key to infrastructure, such as construction of roads or public transportation are allowed
• Public Education funded by state level if the Nation desires
2. Joint missions or transports between two nations in the Bloc is highly encouraged, and shall be supported
3. Joining the McCarthy Bloc and leading your nation down a communist path is strictly forbidden. It will be met with harshly
4. If Article 3 is found to be misused, the Nation in question may lose their punishment status if most Officers agree to overrule it
5. No videos consisting of satire about fellow nations may be made. If a Government supports this, we will stab that nation’s leader and kidnap their family
6. No religion that recognizes a God outside of their Nation’s Government. All others are allowed.

The Empire of Peyerij Mond