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Elections in Hamramstan

Hamramstan: Primary Results:

Conservative Party

Nikki Haley 31%
Sajid Javid 13%
Angela Merkel 9%
Narendra Modi 32%
Marco Rubio 10%
Benjamin Sasse 5%

Nikki Haley and Narendra Modi will contest the Conservative Party Nomination on 6/12/18

Socialist Party

Jeremy Corbyn 14%
Andrew Gillum 2%
Kamala Harris 48%
John Kasich 1%
Rohit Khanna 10%
Amy Klobuchar 1%
Enrique Peņa Nieto 1%
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 23%

Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will contest the Socialist Party Nomination on 6/12/18

Hamramstan First

Imran Khan 72%
Tucker Carlson 28%

Imran Khan is the nominee for the Hamramstan First Party

It was found that Hamramstan elections prepoll results shows Imran khan popular support among the hamramstanis. Kamala Harris won't have any place in the parliament if she is acting like nuisance says Imran khan.

Great Hindu Conference to be held in Awell Islands

Kaveli: A great Hinduism convention at Kaveli,Awell Islands. It will be held on Dec. 5 to Dec. 7. We invite all leaders and companies from all nations to come and share Hinduism with people all around the world.

This three day convention will emphasize the Hindu culture and traditions and leaders can celebrate and invest in temples, religious learning centers, and free accommodations for pilgrims. We are expecting nations from as far as North America to come learn and invest in the Hindu religion. There will be Gujarati, Marathi, Marwari, South Indian, and Bollywood performances all day as well as preachers and singers. There will also be indian food available. This convention is located in Rajwadi Convention Center on Latti Road. It is located adjacent to the ISCO Temple of Kaveli.