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Election: Rules, Guidelines, Candidates and Issues

Election: Rules and Guidelines

  • You must be a Citizen/Corsair/CROW in order to run for any elected position, propose issues and/or to vote

  • No appointed Officer may run for elected office without first resigning their appointed office

  • If you wish to run for any elected position, you must post publicly your "Declaration of Candidacy"
    on the Regional Message Board / RMB on or before January 1, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

  • You must receive verification of your "Declaration of Candidacy" from one of the following Officers:

  • Verification will be posted on the RMB

  • We must establish the "Pirates Court". This will consist of up to 10 "Pirate Lords".

    • This court will be responsible for considering, debating and ultimately voting on the proposed issues forwarded
      to the Court by the Citizens of the Region. the rules/laws which will make up the Pirata Codex and any
      disciplinary actions which have to be issued for the violations of said laws.

    • The Court will be overseen by the Pirate King.

    • You will elect up to 10 Pirate Lords with the top 10 vote receivers being declared the winners

    • The Pirate Lord receiving the highest number of votes in the General Election will also serve
      on the Pirates Court as the High Pirate Lord. His/Her duties as High Pirate Lord will include:

      • Will serve as "Head of the Court"

      • Will lead the Court in all business

    • Campaign as you see fit, as long as it doesn't violate the rules of NationStates nor leave this region
      (i.e. Telegrams only to our regional nations, post on the RMB, chat or post on Discord or on our Regional Forum,
      make a YouTube Video and share the link etc..)

    What additional positions get elected depends on the proposals of the Citizens/Corsairs/CROWs.
    Constitutional or Codex issues may be suggested and discussed so that they may later be discussed and voted on by the Court.

    • All Issue Proposals MUST be posted on the RMB and receive NO LESS than 5 "Likes" from Citizen/Cosair/CROW to be added to the ballot.

    • If an Issue receives 5 "Likes" and then goes on to receive more positive votes than negative votes, it will be forwarded on to the Pirate Court where it will be debated, voted on and depending on the outcome of that vote, could be added to the Pirata Codex as law.

    • How often can an elected official run for re election?

      • Unlimited

      • Skip an election cycle

      • Skip 2 election cycles

      • Never run again for the same office

    • You will decide on the period of time or term an elected official holds office:

      • 3 months

      • 4 months

      • 6 months

      >>> More To Come... <<<

Election: Candidates and Issues

* All Candidates and Issues on these lists have been Verified and Approved *

  • Issues

    • Issue Two (Decreed)

      • Elected Members of the Pirate Court will serve for a period of:

        • Three Months (90 Days)

        • Four Months (120 Days)

        • Six Months (180 Days)

        • Twelve Months (1 Year)

    • Issue Three (Decreed)

      • How often can an elected official run for re election?:

        • Unlimited

        • Skip an election cycle

        • Skip 2 election cycles

        • Never run again for the same office

    • NOTE: Issues that have been labeled as (Decreed) are issues that have been deemed as vital to our Governance by the Pirate King, and in so doing, have been decreed as such without the 5 "likes" otherwise required and placed upon the ballot for consideration by our Citizens/Corsairs/CROWs.

  • Election Results

    • Issue One - 7 YAYS / 0 NAYS

    • Issue Two - Four Months (4 VOTES) / Six Months (2 VOTES) / Three Months (1 VOTE)

    • Issue Three+ - Skip An Election Cycle (4 VOTE) / Unlimited (3 VOTES)

    • Pirates Court - Jolx and Books rule supreme Were Both Elected To The First Pirates Court

    • High Pirate Lord - Books rule supreme (4 VOTES) / Jolx (3 VOTES)

      - His Majesty Admiral Jacque Tre'phon Joseph, Rex I
      - a.k.a. Captain Jack Tre', Halcyon Nova

>>> More To Come... <<<

The New Golden Age of Halcyon Nova