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A Response to Actias' Open Letter

Dear New actias,

I agree that if what is said of The New Pacific Order is true, it is reprehensible.

However, I will stress that we cannot get involved. This is a near 7,000 nation-sized region. Not to even mention that it is a feeder region, where new nations are born into the game nearly every moment. We are a miniscule 57 nation region in comparison. Even if we were to win with the other large regions offended by them, Rhinia may forever have a target on its back.

Westphalia long ago was very interventionist, and made enemies in its wake. Then, during one of the Founder CTEs, we were raided without knowing the reason why. This shows that groups and people have a very long memory with equally long grudges that can and will strike out if there's a chance of success. One day, and there's no use denying it, You, Me, Liam, and everyone else here who's influential will be replaced by a new generation of nations, and they will not know or remember what we did back now. And when The liamese empire eventually CTEs, and supposing he doesn't have the chance to pass on the founder nation, Rhinia will come into the same situation that Westphalia found itself a year ago.

I admit, I'm guilty of being isolationist in this game. Better to not draw the attention of raiders that may despise us for what we may have done long ago. And while I understand that The New Pacific Order is guilty of influencing regions for their betterment, we are outsiders on this issue. We have not been targeted to the best of my knowledge, and no region has explicitly called on us to choose a side.

Thus I believe that Rhinia need not go abroad in the search of monsters to destroy. Let those with a vested interest and need go forth and fight this behemoth.


Responding to:

From the Office of the Prime Minister:

It isn't often that one singular issue divides or unites regions in NationStates. Sure, we've seen successful and large raiding/defending alliances, like the one that took Westphalia not long ago, but those are fleeting and meaningless. It is rare that a call to arms is so powerful, and impactful on the community that it brings together the largest, most serious regions of the day. However, that call has been issued and Rhinia should join ranks in anyway it can.

The crimes of the New Pacific Order are numerous, shocking, and destabilizing. Their long-term calculated actions against regions they called allies have been revealed, and war is at the doorstep of the Pacific. From their questionable views on the roles of regions in NationStates, to their underhanded attempts to overthrow legitimate regional governments, lets take a look at some of their crimes as outlined by regions on the brink of war:

  • "We found out that the Pacific played a major role in causing strife and prompting civil war in Lazarus, in the hope that this would turn the political landscape of the region in their favour. This effort only served to further destabilise a politically divided region that had already been victim of NPO aggression."

    • Foreign Affairs of the Rejected Realms

  • "NPO remained silent and allowed him to influence our players, gain admittance into our regions, and presumably spy on us on NPOs behalf in exchange for their 'second chance.'"

    • Statement from Osiris

  • "We have learned that [NPO Leader] claimed in June 2017 to have rigged the South Pacific’s elections in order to make TSP a puppet state."

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The South Pacific

  • "We have tolerated and even attempted to find common ground with The Pacific over the years, but the NPO has made it clear that they cannot peacefully coexist with Europeia…"

    • President of Europeia

  • "While The Pacific deigns to recognize a total of four “classes” rather than the original two, allowing for two other lesser classes of misguided “diaspora” to whom the same malice is not attributed as is to “Userites,” you’ll rarely see these other terms mentioned in reality. After all, they cannot be used as effectively to demean wide swaths of players! Mainly, you’ll see The Pacific calling anyone they remotely dislike “subversive userites,” and advocate for them to be “purged.”'"

    • Statement from the Black Hawks

Our numbers may be useless, our voices may be small, but it is an important footnote in history that Rhinia stake a stand and make a statement against the evils of the New Pacific Order. As the descending region of a once notable power, made up of aspiring nations looking for greater regional influence, we must join ranks. I call upon the Emperor, The liamese empire, and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Sammona, to investigate and respond promptly to this movement.

Further Information can be found at the following:

With Honor,
The Right Honorable Prime Minister
Actias, House Falvius

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