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Novus Lucidum Peace Prize Awards

Novus Lucidum Peace Prize Awards

How to submit a nomination

Send nation or region name, what award to be nominated for and state why deserve the award(s) by telegram to South Odinburgh.


January 2019 Award Winners

Republic of Rajputana receives Lucidum Peace Price Award for saving region from war with The Socialist Montonian

Likar receives Sportsmanship Award for helping bring back Kalkvakia, stopping multiple flame wars, and I ended a 15 page flame war between Anacodia and The Reich.

Gothic Vandelia receives Economics Prize for creation of trade system.

Union of Democrats receives Leadership Award for showing skills in establishment of the G 20.

Republic of Rajputana receives Diplomacy Award for establishment of the G 20 region.

The United Federation of Amestris receives Innovation Award for war games system.

Peace Prize Awards

Eligibility: All nations within Novus Lucidum and regions that have an embassy with Novus Lucidum are eligible.

Novus Lucidum Inter-regional Peace Prize Award

This is most coveted and top award a nation's leader within the region or to an ally of the region can be awarded. This inter-regional award intention is to advance peace, justice and inter-religious collaborations.

Following criteria must be met:

* prevent regional and inter-regional conflicts or world war

* Settle disputes of political, diplomatic, and economic matters

* Develop new inventions to minimize threats and confusions within mankind

The Diplomacy Award

This is award similar to the Novus Lucidum Inter-regional peace prize but only awarded to nations.

Following criteria of award to be given to nations:

* Direct prevention of armed conflict

* Direct de-escalation or Ending of an Armed Conflict

* The Direct Stabilization of a Region or Nation after an Armed Conflict

Leadership Award

Given to nations or individuals from nations that displayed leadership.

Criteria: great strength of character, individual conscience and unwavered commitment to defining principles of democracy.

Art & Culture Award

Criteria: A nation that created or preserved something that was important to their nation positively in the name of their own culture that has had a positive effect.

Innovation Award

Criteria: Nations that have invented or come with new ways that will contribute positively.

Science Award

Criteria: Nations that have discovered or contributed to the field of science that has had a positive effect.

Sportsmanship Award

Criteria: Nations that show fair and generous behavior or treatment of others.

Economics Award

Criteria: Something a nation has contributed positively to improve economics.

Regional Novus Lucidum Peace Prize Members

Novus Lucidum
Union of Democrats
G 20
The Wolf Clan