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The Three Paths (⋆✳ 🎀 Newbies Click This❢ 🎀 ✳⋆)

The Order of the Grey Wardens
In Peace, Vigilance
In War, Victory
In Death, Sacrifice

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Welcome to The Order of the Grey Wardens, as a newcomer to our region there are three paths available for your future, they aren't mutually exclusive and you can switch to whichever best suits you at the time. Everyone has different desires and levels of ability in this game, and we've crafted our organization to allow as many people to contribute to the cause as possible.

The Path of the Warden: This is what you've heard about in our recruitment, on the gameplay forum, and in the angry wails of defeated Darkspawn. Wardens take the fight to raiders during the two game updates at 12AM and 12PM US Eastern Time. As a Warden you will usually conduct multiple operations per update and act as the first and greatest line of defense against invader attacks on vulnerable regions. Liberations of invader held regions, and invasions of invader home regions are also conducted by Wardens at update as our primary strike force.

If you can be online at 12AM and/or 12PM EST at least one day per week then the life of a Warden is for you. Sign up on our forums for security verification and join Discord to receive training and orders.

The Path of the Guardian: Guardians are warriors who are unable to engage the Darkspawn on the frontlines and yet are still willing and eager to fight the blight, choose to guard the regions of NationStates from the Darkspawn. Busy during the game updates? No problem, you can still conduct military operations and make a difference as a Guardian. Guardians move into targets during the 12 hour windows between game updates and provide vital endorsement support, as well as conducting detags and off update defenses.

If you can't be present for the game updates or are just too darn lazy to then watch the RMB and World Factbook Entry for Guardian missions, there's no sign up needed, but Discord is still the most efficient way to receive orders so it is recommended. More information can be found here

The Order of the Grey Wardens
In Peace, Vigilance
In War, Victory
In Death, Sacrifice

Guardians are warriors who are unable to engage the Darkspawn on the frontlines and yet are still willing and eager to fight the blight, choose to guard the regions of NationStates from the Darkspawn. They move in while the battle is at a respite, protecting regions from the dangerous spread of the Darkspawn, while working with native populations to remove all evidence of their influences on afflicted regions.

There is no need to sign up, a quick path to promotion, and little time investment needed!


You don't need to sign up or register anywhere, either on NationStates, on Discord, or the forum. Just start participating by following this guide, and you will be credited in reports and, very soon, get your first promotion! This guide will remain pinned in our region to serve as a handbook whenever you need it.

We call your nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens your "main nation". For these misssions, you will need another nation, your so-called "puppet nation". You can call this nation whatever you want. To get your puppet nation setup, follow these steps:

1) If your main nation is admitted to the World Assembly, resign now.
2) Login to your puppet nation, or create it if you have not done so already.
3) Go to the Settings page.
4) Associate a valid e-mail with your nation (make sure this is the same e-mail address as on your main nation).
5) In your Motto, make a reference to the name of your main nation in some fashion (so that we know it's you!)
6) Set the LinkGrey Wardens Flag on that nation
7) Apply to join the World Assembly.
8) Check your e-mail, and confirm your admittance into the World Assembly.

Between missions, keep your puppet nation in The Order of the Grey Wardens, endorsing our delegate Altorthfnara.


Operation Log

This is the entry level rank of a Guardian. There's nothing needed to do to get this rank - just start participating!

Once you have completed 5 Guardian missions, you will automatically be promoted to Guardian-Lieutenant! With this rank, trained Guardian-Constables, Warden-Constables, and Warden-Commanders will work with you so that you can learn to find and lead missions on your own.

Trusted and merited Guardian-Lieutenants get promoted to Guardian-Constable. A Guardian-Constable can autonomously call upon their fellow Guardians for missions to detag, support, and defend regions.

Joining Missions

When you log onto your main nation, there are two places where you can see the current mission:
- On our World Factbook Entry in The Order of the Grey Wardens,
- On our Regional Message Board.

These orders are typically self-explanatory. When you see these orders, log into your puppet nation and follow these orders with that nation.

A typical simple example may look like this:

Current Guardian Mission
Move to The Order of the Grey Wardens
Endorse Altorthfnara

These are the things you may be asked to do in orders:

  • If asked to move to a region, you move your puppet nation to that region by opening the region page, scrolling to after the World Factbook Entry, and then clicking "Move (Nation) to (Region)". Note: Do not post on that region's Regional Message Board unless invited by native nations to do so.

  • If asked to endorse a nation, open that nation's page, scroll to the bottom, and click the button "Endorse (Nation)". Note that you can only do this if your puppet nation is in the same region as that nation.

  • If asked to cross-endorse on a nation, you not only endorse that nation but also every other nation endorsing that nation. To see the endorsees of a nation, scroll to the bottom of the page to "Endorsements received:", which is followed by a list of endorsing nations.

  • If asked to cross-endorse in the region, when you enter a region, you will want to find your fellow Guardian nations and cross-endorse on them. To find these nations, you can either scroll through all nations in the region and look for nations with the Guardian flag, or look at the activity page for that region for nations moving to that region with the Guardian flag.

In some cases, your puppet nation may later become the World Assembly Delegate of another region. This puts you in a great position of power over that region - treat that power with respect, and do not do anything not told to do! The Delegate has additional powers over the region, though sometimes these may be locked away. After becoming the WA Delegate, on the region page, click "Admin" (above the World Factbook Entry). On the Admin page, find the table under the heading "Officers" and click "Modify" next to the WA Delegate in that table. In the following page, make sure all checkboxes (Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassies, Polls) are checked, and click "Enact Changes" to save that selection.

  • If asked to detag the region, it's your duty to clean up the mess that raiders left. You can refer to this guide for steps to do so.

  • If asked to banject nations, open that nation's page, scroll to the bottom, and click "Eject & Ban". Note that sometimes your nation won't have enough influence to do so - in that case, just wait another 12 hours and try again.

If you're the WA Delegate of a region, you may get additional instructions. Usually, they'll be sent to your puppet nation via a TG, so make sure to check in regularly!

Read dispatch

The Path of the Resident: Just want to chill out and answer your issues? You can still lend a helping hand by joining the World Assembly and endorsing our delegate Altorthfnara, this will increase our regional say important WA matters such as SC Liberations, as well as giving you a personal vote for whatever comes through the General Assembly and Security Council.

And as with the other paths, you're welcome to come chat in our Discord.