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Comprehensive Guide on Joining the World Assembly and Endorsing your Delegate. With pictures!

The Order of the Grey Wardens
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Comprehensive Guide on Joining the WA and Endorsing your Delegate

Important notice: You are only allowed to have one nation in the World Assembly at a time, attempting to circumvent this rule by using multiple devices and emails is a surefire way to incur the wrath of site moderation and will likely lead to a blanket ban on all of your nations being allowed into the World Assembly.

1) Go to the settings page.

2) Make sure you have your email in the email field.

3) Click update if you didn't have an email already associated with your nation and needed to add one.

4) Go to the World Assembly page.

5) Click "Apply to Join"

6) If your application was successful this message will display. However, if you have another nation in the World Assembly already red warning text will display below.

7) Go to your email and find the acceptance to your application. Click the link inside.

8) The link will take you to this page, click the confirm button to join the WA.

9) If everything went well you will receive the green message shown here. Now go back to your home region page by clicking its name on the sidebar.

10) At the top of the region page will be a link to your WA Delegate, click on it.

11) Now scroll to the bottom of the delegate's nation page and click the button that says "Endorse"

12) The page will refresh and you can scroll back down to the delegate's national happenings to see your endorsement.

Non WA nations in The Order of the Grey Wardens that would benefit from following all 12 steps.
Abdi babdi,Achmidion,Agrionty,Allahu akbr,Altlessas,Anarchiastia,Aurelian Jesters,Baronopolis,Baywalle,Blackdevilswoord,Blight-Bane,Bonaventuro,Brasierre,Carceniae,Caytopia caeordia,Central city council,Chrits sourp,Criote,Cthoria,Daltar,Dark forest territory,Deadeye Jack,Del rio grande,Democratic dochiniumopeenni,Democratic States of South Vietnam,Drewisking,Eberode,Emonaper,Esany,Eshialand,Espoir sur le mer,Fairy Hunter Warden,Genialie,Grey Sovreignry,Grey Warden,Hastandight Estigonk,Hedk,Higher japan,Hijashvin,Hong kong island and kowloon,House of the Cards,Hungary-croatia,Interests,John-Travolta,Kewlovania,Kill zone,Korea n,Laser States,Lazy fort,Libanarchy,Lower boremia,Malarkey,Manamya,Memeria dankistan,Merlins clone Merlinda from Universe 63,Naxios,New Blackhaven,New carronte,New void,Nocturus terra,North galskia,North koeras,Old lothering,Pairian,Papos,Phi gaia,Pigam,Runtio,Russia-kazakstan,Saanoss,Salivon,Scottea,Seczpact,Sheten,Sleeper Registry,Smallson,Spunkadopia,Suvvial,Suwaid,Swedenirl1,Symovitz,The First Warden,The Grey Wardens,The hero of ferelden,The northern americanss,The united few,Tim,Total raider spy of rach,Union of the islamic republic,Varani,Varric,Vincent Drake,Warden Altmoras,Warden pyrosky,Warden Recruiter,Warden Roavin,Wardenistan,Warsina,Wavy Individuals,Weisshaupt Fortress,West caps,Westerlands of house lanister,Wikination,Wolf Havens,Wul She,Xelm,XXX.

WA Nations in The Order of the Grey Wardens that aren't endorsing our WA Delegate Altorthfnara and would benefit from following steps 9-12.
Agnaroth,Bhan edunty,Call me daddy stratton,Chazagha,Degoy swizo,Drakonov,East puff,Eastern kodiak,Eurashia,Hapfzenfjord,Isaacstan,Kitia,Laken,Leii richardmckee,Lestral,Liberal curtain,Mageara,Perlibel,Poptropica ii,Puerpecuniam,Puffonesian islands,Quiacillill,Reinberg,Remnania,Southwest idaho,Taodan,The Evanese,United island of europe,Wastle,Yugo-rome.

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The Office of The First Warden