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by The Monarchy of Greater Eireann. . 13 reads.

Map of European States by Eireannian Civilisation Index

Civilisation Index = (sqrt(HDI) + sqrt(Safety) - (Primitiveness/10))/3 (IF ALLOWS SACRIFICE = - 25)

A positive score over five indicates that a country is civilised, whereas a negative score means that it is uncivilised. A score between zero and five means that the country is becoming civilised.

Greater Eireann: 32.21

A Random Canadian Empire: 19.37

Ghearmaine-Franc: 10.54

Neo-Macedonian Empire: 6.98

Gregorianic Anarchian Republic: 11.43

Dabgotia: 6.35

Koreyeah: 7.45

MianBaoGuo: 9.62

A Mirror Canadian Empire: 3.92

Eirinne: 2.32

Conservitopistan: 5.3

SoJusRefugees: 2.34

Stalin Wazwright: 3.14

Greater Gandhistan: -22.89

JEW Volunteers: 13.86

Daliumia: 8.03