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Odinburgh Military Catalog

ARMS: Heavy Weapons & Small Arms

Price List: ARMS: Heavy Weapons & Small Arms

Dragonstrike Blaster 1k $15,000 (100,000 units)
Legionaire Advanced Pistol $25,000 (100,000 units)
MA12mm Assault Rifle $45,000 (100,000 units)
War Monger Pulse Rifle $ 20,000 (100,000 units)
Ranger Pulse Rifle $65,000 (100,000 units)
Render 38 Heavy Blaster $115,000 (100,000 units)
Stormfury Rail Gun $10,000 (100,000 units)
Deathbringer Sorta Mauser $6,500 (100,000 units)
Crusader Tech Pistol $500 (100,000 units)
Vanquisher Shoulder Cannon $1,500 (100,000 units)

Price List: Special

Stargate $ 750 billion (1,000 units)
Cybersuit $ $12 million (100,000 units)
SF Power Armor Suit $ 500 million (100,000 units)
Raven Commando Defense Shield Suit $ 500 Billion (100,000 units)
Shadow Cloak Defense Suit $ 800 Billion (100,000 units)
Cybernetic Life Emulation Android $ 200 Billion (100,000 units)

Price List: MRE Bulk Packs (Bulk contains 20 packets)

BBQ chicken w/ fries MRE pack $150,000 (100,000 units)
Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bowl MRE pack $150,000 (100,000 units)
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bowl MRE pack $150,000 (100,000 units)
Chicken Tenders & fries MRE pack $200,000 (100,000 units)
Grilled Chicken w/ fries MRE pack $200,000 (100,000 units)
Fried Chicken w/ fries MRE pack 200,000 (100,000 units)
Steak & baked potato MRE pack $300,000 (100,000 units)
Steak & Fried Egg MRE pack $300,000 (100,000 units)
Corned Beef Hash w/ fries MRE pack $300,000 (100,000 units)

Price List: MRE Single Packets Packets

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bowl MRE single pack - $1.50 (OD)
BBQ Chicken w/ Fries MRE single pack - $1.50 (OD)
Chicken Tenders & fries MRE single pack - $2.00 (OD)
Corned Beef Hash w/ fries MRE single pack - $3.00 (OD)
Fried Chicken w/ fries MRE single pack - $2.00 (OD)
Grilled Chicken w/ fries MRE single pack - $2.00 (OD)
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bowl single MRE pack - $1.50 (OD)
Steak & baked potato MRE single pack - $3.00 (OD)
Steak & Fried Egg MRE single pack- $3.00 (OD)

Price List: Tanks

T224 Octopus Hover Battle Tank $10 million

Ragnarok PMC
Mercenary School: Guerrilla Warfare Training

Learn military tactics that include:

Petty warfare:Ground & Naval
Hit and Run Tactics

Eligible: combatants, paramilitary personnel, armed civilians or irregular military.

Guerrilla Warfare Trained Soldiers: $20k per person

Price List: Military Hardware Chips
Optix Tech IT

For missiles, missile guidance systems, fighter jets, electronic warfare, electronic warfare countermeasures and radar applications: $1.5 million

Odinburgh Veterans Affairs Services

Odinburgh Veterans Affairs is a regional service for the region for veterans, veteran's spouses or minor child whether to buried in the Odinburgh National Cemetery in St. Reynaldo. We also offer insurance services. It is operated by Odinburgh Veterans Affairs, Division of Odinburgh Starfleet (OSF).

Veterans Affairs Services (Cemetery Services)

* Headstones $2,000, Markers $600 and Medallions $25.00

* Military Funeral Honors $2,500

* Burial Flags $120.00

* Memorial Certificates $15.00

* Veteran Burial at Odinburgh National Cemetery, St. Reynaldo $ 5,000

Veterans Affairs Services (Insurance Services)

Serviceman's Life Insurance
Currently a active serviceman or servicewoman in the OSF.
May purchase VA Disability Insurance and/or VA Disability Insurance if discharged.
Covers healthcare, housing and education services available if you have children.
Coverage: $500,000/year

VA Disability Insurance
Eligibility: Discharged from service due to medical reasons that they are unable to perform in the OSF.
Coverage: $150,000/year

VA Military Retiree Insurance
Eligibility: Covers Healthcare and Burial Costs. Ends if you die. It transfers over from Serviceman's Insurance when retired.
Coverage: $250,000/year

VA Family Insurance
Eligibility: Must be a dependent of a service member of which are they are minor(s) of a parent or legal guardian which also includes common law spouse of the service member who has died that served in the OSF.
Coverage: $100,000/year