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FCN-RoFN Sign Treaty of Alliance

Treaty of Alliance between the
Republic of Free Nations
and the
Federation of Conservative Nations

Leaders of the FCN and RoFN signing the Treaty of Alliance,
February 10, 2019.

Painting by Furbish Islands


January-February 2019


February 7, 2019-February 10, 2019


February 11, 2019


Republic of Free Nations
Federation of Conservative Nations


  • Strengthen relations between the FCN and RoFN.

  • Strengthen military alliance between the FCN and RoFN.


Federation of Conservative Nations

Republic of Free Nations

The Kingdom and Commonwealths of Gagium

The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis

WA Delegate/Head Diplomat
The Republic of Libervalley

Secretary of Internal Affairs
The Holy Empire of Gran Argreriana

Vice President
The Great Empire of Eldrado

Secretary of War
The Federation of Doge Republics

Senate Speaker
The Nuanced Kingdom of Viridus

The Community of Republic of Free Nations Founder

President/WA Delegate
The Republic of Marvinton

Vice President
The Dual Monarchy of Prusso-Croatia

Secretary of Regional Affairs
The Empire of Kush Country

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Security Officer
The Federal Aristocracy of Thracia and Crimea

FCN-RTL Treaty of Alliance
Article I - Purpose of Treaty

i. The purpose of the alliance is to strengthen and build upon the existing relations between the Federation of Conservative Nations (FCN) and Republic of Free Nations (RoFN), through means of both diplomatic and militaristic cooperation with one another.

Article II - Maintenance of Diplomatic Relations

i. Both the Federation of Conservative Nations and Republic of Free Nations shall maintain embassies on the other region's forums and retain active ambassadors that make contact in the embassy at least once per month.

Article III - Military Cooperation

i. At any given time if either the Federation of Conservative Nations or Republic of Free Nations is at risk of attack through diplomatic or militaristic means, the region at risk may call upon the other for help. If done, the region called upon must take actions, as they can, to help. It is left to the discretion of the Presidents of the two involved regions as to what help and how much can be provided.

ii. At no time shall either region conduct a mission to jeopardize the integrity of the other region or their territories.

Article IV - Ratification

i. This treaty shall be ceremoniously signed by Creeperopolis, the President of the Federation of Conservative Nations, Marvinton, the President of Republic of Free Nations, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs from Republic of Free Nations and the Speaker of the Senate from Federation of Conservative Nations. The treaty may additionally be signed by any other person who the above allow, as well as each President's Cabinet.