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How to Place a Map Claim

Hello there! If you want to claim territory on our regional map, make sure to read through the following points before you contact our Minister of the Interior.

FIRST: If you're new to CISB, please fill in the Linkimmigration form in order to become either a new citizen or Resident Puppet of CISB. Otherwise you will not be able to participate in the region's activities.

SECOND: Now, if you want to appear on our regional map you'll also need to fill in the Linkrole play form to provide more information on your nation that are relevant in our region's RP. The information you give will then be listed in the Civil Register.

THIRD: Be sure to make yourself familiar with the TRA, the Territorial Regulation Act, so you know how many plots you can claim on the map with your nation's current citizen count. This dispatch explains the TRA in detail: page=dispatch/id=782921

FOURTH: If you've complied with all the items listed above, you're now ready to place your map claim! To do so, contact the relevant Minister of the Interior (incumbent: The United Technocratic States of Valensi) via telegram and tell him where you want to appear on the map. You'll then be added to the map the following Sunday.

And when you're on the map, you can jump right into the action and start RP'ing. We hope you enjoy your stay in our region!