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Regional RP Rules (Updated: not so often)

Everything I write here is subject to change as nations grow and tech level increases
Gameplay rules

  1. If you keep switching ideologies via revolution or civil war, realistically your economy would be in shambles and you would have to rebuild yourself thus you can't have a big military just after a civil war, you should wait a week or two before you start rebuilding anything;

  2. Some of us older nations have "Ultra-Super-Omega-high-advanced" tech. This is due to us being here for longer and thus have researched much more advanced technology. A new nation should not have very advanced technology in a short period of time;

  3. Suddenly declaring war on a nation of a similar or smaller size without a casus belli (reason for war) is rather rude and annoying, especially for newer nations who are getting declared upon, unless your lore and the other nation's clashes;

  4. Do not force your RP upon someone. Nothing is scripted unless both parties have agreed to it.

  5. Magic is not allowed here. This is so that people canít just pass off something as magic with no real effort.

  6. Cool Ranch is the only flavor of dorito allowed to be eaten during war time. :)

  7. Eating Cool Ranch in peacetime is considered a declaration of war against the nearest country. ;)

Physics Base Rules
  1. Actions that don't follow the base laws of physics are not allowed; i.e Pocket dimensions, Energy/Matter creation, etc.;

  2. Inter-dimensional travel is practically not allowed since the physics concerning it are a bit hazy;

  3. As an alternative to pocket dimensions, you can use empty universes to store things or anything else people do in pocket dimensions;

  4. A multiverse is defined as the area in which all universes are known to exist. This is only a scientific theory irl, but for the purposes of rp, it is to be taken as truth;

  5. Inter-universal travel, while possible, is expensive, so donít start off your nation with inter-universal travel unless you start off extremely advanced;

  6. Warping is allowed, if you want to have some specific background to your warp, here are some types of warping that have scientific basis:

    1. Spacial Warp - Moves the ship by warping spacetime around the ship. Uses a decent amount of energy continuously until stopped;

    2. Wormhole Warp - Nearly instantaneous travel, but it uses significantly more energy. However, this is only a short burst of energy for however long you need it. Required Exotic Matter or Dark Matter, depending on how you go about it;

    3. Warp Gate - Same concept as Wormhole warp, except that wormholes are hosted on a stationary station, which has large amounts of power production already on it.

  7. Exotic Matter can be made

  8. Keep in mind very large objects like dreadnoughts or death star type things will in all likeliness have gravity, which needs to be accounted for. Failure to effectively combat a large objectís gravity well will result in the object collapsing into itself into roughly the shape of a sphere. This is the same reason planets and celestial objects are spheres.

  9. You cannot directly travel through the multiverse. You can circumvent it using large-scale wormholes or intersections between universes, but you cannot have an object within the multiverse. The multiverse is an area between universes where no laws of physics exist, including concepts that are usually taken for granted, such as Newtonís Laws. An object can do nothing besides simply existing within the multiverse. It cannot move, be moved, or be interacted with in any way.

Territorial Rules
  1. You cannot own a multiverse, following the definition of a multiverse as an infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance, thereby it is impossible to own a multiverse;

  2. Time travel is prohibited as it can result in the creation of energy and/or matter which:

    1. breaks the laws of physics;

    2. can result in low cost generation of high value objects;

    3. No sudden conquering of entire universe;

    4. Projects take time, you can't just say "I am going to do this massive thing" and then it's done in less than five minutes without skipping time and/or consulting others.

    Entity Rules
      There are 6 Types of beings in the TUF multiverse, Type 0 being the strongest and Type 6 being the weakest.
    1. Type 0 includes the Weekday Entities (only the original weekday Entities can reach this level)

    2. Type 1 includes hybrids made with both entity and human DNA

    3. Type 2 includes mostly Artificial intelligence, those beings with such immense intelligence that they have surpassed even the greatest minds of the universe. Like X200

    4. Type 3 consists of those with immense mental strength able to do complex mind tricks, usually involves high intelligence

    5. Type 4 consists of those who have surpassed the superhuman threshold, their strength is not just strength and consists of abilities such as Teleportation, mind tricks, and telekinesis. Examples of such beings are Primikkians and Swedish Country people.

    6. Type 5 is the superhuman threshold. Could be considered powerful. Above the average Mortal.

    7. Type 6 is the average Mortal.

    Credit goes to: Nekinn, Bytestormia, Russian Myundre(Datlof), Wunderlightia, The Flyin, Alterae, The Peoples Front of Darunia for helping me make this.