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Naval Units and Transport Speeds for Resolving Troop Movements - 1899

I will use the following ships to represent ships of their class when calculating speed and naval transit times. Any nation claiming that it has a ship capable of a faster speed must present me with evidence (in the form of an article from Wikipedia or some other source) showing (1) the name of a ship that existed in 1899 (2) the specifications of that ship including its speed.

Because the Dreadnought is already "advanced" technology (i.e., 1906), I will not entertain dreadnoughts faster than the HMS Dreadnought.

Naval convoys move at the speed of their slowest member ship class.

Dreadnought: HMS Dreadnought, 21 knots. Ship’s complement: 700-810. No improvements on this this technology is allowed until RP year 1915.

Troop Transport: USAT Thomas, 14 knots. Ship's complement: 100.
Capacity: 1200 troops, 1000 horses, refrigerated storage for 1,000 pounds (450kg) of meat.

Submarine: USS Holland 6 knots surfaced (subject to detection), 5.5 knots submerged. Player must specify whether the ship is traveling underwater or surfaced. Ship’s complement: 6

Battleship:HMS Bulwark 18 knots. Ship’s complement: 714

Cruiser: USS New Orleans 20 knots. Ship’s complement: 366

Gunboat: USS Isla de Luzon, 16 knots. Ship’s complement: 137

Monitor:: USS Monterey 13.6 knots. Ship’s complement: 210

Destroyer:: HMS Cygnet 30 knots. Ship’s complement: 65

Armed Yacht: USS Aphrodite 15 knots. Ship's complement: 68.