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Land Transport Speeds - 1899

We will assume that all cities in a given country are connected by train, unless a specific train line is destroyed by sabotage or enemy action in an express RP post. Unclaimed territory has no train lines.

We will assume that trains are capable of sustaining 50mph (80kph).
Transit times will be calculated accordingly.

Anything not on a train line moves by horse or by foot.

Horses are assumed to move at 10mph (16kph) whether these are cavalry units or horse-drawn carts, etc.

Troops on foot are assumed to move at 4mph (6.4kph).

Blimps can be used in support of ground troops for observation, reconnaissance and command and control. Blimps are generally unarmed. Blimps can move at a top speed of 135 km/hour (83 mph).
Blimps must be inflated with one of the following (player must disclose): hot air, hydrogen or helium. Helium may only be used if the player controls, or has access via trade, to a legitimate source of helium. Legitimate sources of helium are: Texas/Oklahoma (Loustania) and Qatar (Missisquoi)

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