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Form of government: Confederation.

Constitution: the ‘Clauses of Confederation’ (as modified by nine amendments, so far…).

Legislature: the ‘High Council of Clans (and other Confederated Bodys)’.

Head of Government: the ‘Chairbear of the High Council [etc.]’ (= ‘High ChairBear’), currently Orraie o Barrdenn.

Head of State: the ‘ChairBear of the Committee for Little Bear’ (= ‘ChairBear for Little Bear’), currently Jhorro o BerryGlades.

Capital city: Council Groves.
Autonomous regions: The Ursine Northlands (with the rest of the country commonly referred to in contrast, at least by its own inhabitants, as “The Mainland”…), which has its own legislature ‘The Council of the North’.

Primary Political Divisions: 69 Clans, 1 League, 23 Separate Demi-Clans, 3 Double Septs, and 84 Free Septs (total = 180; those of them that are resident in The Ursine Northlands are represented in both legislatures).

The Free Bears of Bears Armed