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History of the Gordo Alliance

The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef was founded by expatriates of Texas Kenway island and Mirabilan on July 27, 2017. Believing that the region of Texas did not represent the values traditionally held by Texans, the two nations sought to found their own region where they could free from the bureaucracy of foreign countries. Shortly thereafter, the two nations began a local recruitment campaign, which led to Comrade dog and the United dabbers joining the region.

For nearly two years, the region was open exclusively to those that Kenway Island and Mirabilan can verify or know, but that has changed with the Gordo Alliance’s new policy of openness for vetted nations.

The Gordo Alliance had a renaissance of sorts from April-June 2018 in which the region reached its peak population of 59 nations. After a long dark age of inactivity from the region's founders, the Gordo Alliance has been spurred back into action by the invasion described in the following paragraph.

Beginning with the introduction of cards to NationStates in April 2018, the Gordo Alliance has been involved in a conflict with the region of Salutations begun by The shadow puppeteers. Though on two occasions now, the Gordo Alliance believed that peace had been achieved, it was squandered by the administration of Salutations, including the Clavonian Empire. A year after the start of the conflict, the Shadow Puppeteers orchestrated an invasion of the Gordo Alliance, however the return of Kenway Island put an end to it.

The Gordo Alliance values freedom and openness above all so if you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the Cabinet members!

Current Administration/Cabinet
Executive: Kenway island, founder
Vice-Executive: Mirabilan, first World Assembly delegate
Current World Assembly delegate: New western arrakis
Security Officer: The henry empire
Dispatch Officer: Soviet Mother-Land
Cringe Torture Officer: Atlascorporations

Notable, but long gone members of the Alliance
Small independent theocratic enterprise
Weeaboo raider
True gordo insiders
Ms melde
Islamic germo-sweden
Deutsch menschen
The violet colonists