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Gordo Alliance FAQ

[center][b]For all questions about the founding of the Gordo Alliance, founders, and members, please visit the History of the Gordo Alliance dispatch[/b][/center]

[i]Why is it called the Gordo Alliance of Got Beef?[/i]
Ask Kenway Island. I genuinely have no idea.

[i]I remember there being quite a few more dispatches and a longer description than there is now. What happened?[/i]
The Gordo Alliance was invaded in April 2019 by [nation]The Shadow Puppeteers[/nation] and while rebuilding, decided to lay off the bureaucracy and no longer subject region members to all of the rules that had previously been in place, such as a constitution.

[i]On the same token, there used to be so many more nations. What happened there?[/i]
The Gordo Alliance went through a bit of a culling period in the summer of 2018 because many of its members didn't log on. They weren't banned or anything.

[i]Why are there so many weird nations and why does it sometimes seem like they're role-playing in the chat?[/i]
There are several nations in the Gordo Alliance that are based upon inside jokes so they likely do not make sense to most people. 

[i]What is the Gordo Alliance's relation to the World Assembly?[/i]
Member nations are free to join and participate in the World Assembly. While region founders [nation]Kenway Island[/nation] and [nation]Mirabilan[/nation] were at one time members of the World Assembly, that is no longer the case and so the region as a whole will not be bound by World Assembly rules or regulations.

[i][b]Note:[/b][/i] Since the original draft of this document was published, Kenway Island has since joined the WA.

[i]How do I become the World Assembly delegate?[/i]
The Gordo Alliance no longer holds elections for World Assembly delegate, so you are free to endorse whoever you like at any time.

[i]What's the deal with the WA delegate? Why do they hold so little power?[/i]
It's true that compared to other regions, the delegate's power is somewhat small. Though the delegate did have the power to enforce border control at one time, this is no longer the case in order to lessen the risk of invasion, which the Alliance has had to deal with in the past.

[i]Do Kenway Island and Mirabilan hold absolute power? Will they ever relinquish their positions?[/i]
As the executive, Kenway Island is unable to relinquish their power. However, neither nation actively use their powers to suppress speech or opponents within the region, excepting an invasion. Differing opinions and criticism is welcome in the Alliance! In the case that you see the same nations in the Cabinet most of the time, that is simply a precaution -- those that tend to remain in the Cabinet are those that can be vetted personally by Kenway Island and/or Mirabilan.

[i]Why are there so many nations from [region]Salutations[/region] in the enemy list?[/i]
Salutations has been trying to invade us and has been rejecting peaceful relations with the Gordo Alliance since April of 2018. For more information, please visit the History dispatch.

[i]With whom does the Gordo Alliance establish embassies with? With whom do they reject them?[/i]
The Gordo Alliance accepts embassies and attempts to construct them with regions that do not hold statist ideologies as the centerpoint of their ideals. If fascist or communist is in your tags, chances are an embassy won't be happening.

[center][b]Suggest a question that should be added to this dispatch by messaging Mirabilan or posting in the chat.[/b][/center]